Admissions Process

Sober living in homes is also an option for everyone in recovery. A sober house is a sober living environment that provides services to everyone in recovery. Sober living in homes differ from traditional treatment because it does not offer medical detox, psychological counselling, or other therapies. Instead, the sober living in houses are used for sober living in the community after the treatment programs or psychiatric medications are discontinued.

A sober living environment is safe and comfortable for people who need short term assistance in early recovery. Often it’s not feasible for someone to return to their own home, but it’s too soon for them to live by themselves. Sober living is intended to help prevent relapse, using life-long sobriety as a goal, and a support system of peers and professionals to function at a higher level than if they were alone.

Rules for living in a sober environment

The patients strictly follow some rules. These areas follow;

  • No drugs or alcohol are permitted anywhere nearby. A few exemptions might be made for explicit remedies, similar to antidepressants.
  • Residents should pay their reasonable costs to live in the home.
  • Residents should take part in family exercises, similar to week-by-week gatherings and usual errands.
  • Residents probably finished detox and recovery, and they ought to have the arrangement to go to treatment or 12-venture gatherings in some measure one time each week.
  • Residents should rest at the sober living house no less than five evenings each week, with not many exemptions for movement.
  • Residents consent to partake in randomized drug and alcohol screenings.
  • Residents are responsible for their whereabouts when they are not on the property.
  • Residents should cling to the house’s time limitation.
  • Residents are not permitted to have for the time being visitors.
  • Residents should regard different housemates and home staff.
  • Residents are not permitted to have pets (except if the home grants).

Is sober living the right choice for you?

Many individuals benefit from living in a sober living house after finishing treatment. However, you don’t need to settle on this choice alone.

At Footprints to Recovery, more than 70% of our patients decide to remain in sober living while at the same time getting treatment or in the wake of finishing treatment with us. The majority of them see their homes as a fundamental part of a fruitful recovery.