HIPAA audits aims at the numerous health care professionals every year. HIPAA certification is essential for any health care professional or for anyone from this industry whether directly or indirectly. There has been a lot of buzz about HIPAA, its rules and compliance by means of audits. Being compliant for HIPAA and be ready for the required audit is crucial for the healthcare. The goal of the audit is examine the mechanism for the compliance of HIPAA. Identification of the best practices, zones of possible threats and encourage new zones to pay attention to compliance activities.

To help our clients for HIPAA audit we undertake the following steps:

1] Stay on top of the law: The legal needs of health care industry are constantly evolving. The rules change and there are deadlines that are stated to implement these rules. We help our clients to formulate structured plans to incorporate these changes in the law in the prescribed time frame. We help out our clients to update their agreements with outside business parties, and other vendors.

2] Make HIPAA rules a part of office environment:

We help the clients with strategies and step by step plan that helps in the application of HIPAA laws. We pave the way to provide guidance to your practice and your employees on HIPAA. We designate a HIPAA officer who helps in the application of the HIPAA laws on the daily basis. Also we designate a HIPAA security officer who has to be contacted in case of breach of the laws. We make sure that every employee in the organization has the same level of diligence with regard to these policies. We train the staff about the physical access to the sensitive data.

3] Conduct mock audit or risk analysis:

We conduct mock analysis to show our clients how the rules are put in practice and explain them the areas of threat and vulnerabilities. Help the security office and privacy officer to understand their role and have in written the steps undertaken for the compliance of HIPAA laws. These certificates and written documents will be very useful in case of HIPAA audit.

4] Encryption of data:

We help the employees about the encryption of data. Data encryption is a crucial area where security is of major concern. The data that has to be encrypted and the one that requires no encryption is to be identified before transmission. Also the software that is used for encryption and the format of decoding needs to be ascertained and the employees are trained about the same.

5] Business associate agreement review:

We help the practitioners to review their terms of agreement with the business associates and explain their responsibility and penalty in case of breach of law. This helps in the thorough audit and compliance of the HIPAA laws.

All the above steps and risk analysis is not a one stop step rather they are continuous on going process and we help our clients in this ongoing process.