Kedarnath is among the holiest destinations and the most important pilgrimage sites of Lord Shiva. It is in the Rudraprayag district. Further, each year lakhs of devotees flock to this spot to seek grace from Lord Shiva.

Further, the Kedarnath Yatra is one of the Char Dhams Yatra in Uttarakhand. So this sacred destination is at an elevation of 3586 meters amid the enchanting background of a spectacular mountain area.

Even the title of this temple also has a deep connotation “Kedar” means Strong, which is yet another title of Lord Shiva, the defender, and destroyer. Also, the spectacular ambiance, snow-covered mountains, and stunning terrain make the Kedarnath trip even more intriguing. Further, that’s the reason tourists travel in massive numbers annually.

The primary feature of this Dham is the great Shiva Temple, tucked in the mid of the gorgeous terrain. This temple is devoted to Shiva, who is regarded as the embodiment of all feelings – love, wrath, fear, death, and spirituality- represented through his different forms.

Kedarnath Yatra is a must to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings. So to go for the Yatra, Kedarnath Yatra Registration documents are essential. Obtaining a biometric registration document is a simple process.

If you’re also considering Kedarnath Yatra, the following is the complete Kedarnath travel guide. To avoid the hassle of changing multiple transportation services and trekking, LIH Travel offers Chardham Yatra by helicopter.

Kedarnath Yatra 2022 Opening Date

After a six-month closure, the Kedarnath Yatra 2022 reopened on May 6th, 2022. The opening dates are declared on the celebration of Mahashivratri.

How To Start With Kedarnath Yatra?

So to start with the Kedarnath Dham Yatra, here you can find all the necessary details and various modes of possible transportation.

Kedarnath By Road

You may take a bus, a private cab, or a self-driving vehicle to go to Kedarnath. So one may select the method that seems to be comfortable and easy. Further, the Uttarakhand Transport Corporation operates direct buses to Gaurikund, from whence you may continue your journey if you’re traveling from Delhi.

Taxis and self-driven cars are also out of the question since there are no other transportation options from Gaurikund. Hence you may opt for trekking or using Kandi, Palki, and Mule/Ponies. At Gaurikund/Sonprayag, anybody can book these services.

On the other hand, prices vary based on the distance traveled and the specific service you choose. However, if the bus or taxi goes as far as Sonprayag, shared taxis may get you to Gaurikund for a small price.

In addition, getting to Kedarnath by road is simple and convenient. All thanks to the abundance of services and transportation alternatives available to make your Kedarnath Yatra a breeze.

Kedarnath By Air

Yes, you may fly to Kedarnath for the Kedarnath yatra, and it’s much more convenient than trekking. Instead of making the arduous trip, you may get a seat in a helicopter and fly directly to Kedarnath. Haridwar, Dehradun, and Rishikesh all provide helicopter service.

So if you are at Dehradun may ride a helicopter to their destination in only 40 minutes by traveling to the Shastradhara Helipad, Dehradun, and waiting for the helicopter.

To access the helicopter services from Haridwar/Rishikesh, you must rent a car to Phata and then onboard a helicopter to Kedarnath.

If you are visiting from other places in India, you must fly to the Jolly Grant airport in Uttarakhand, the closest airport to Kedarnath. Scheduling flights can make lengthier travels more pleasant. If you are considering completing the entire Chota Chardham Yatra, then book your entire air travel with LIH’s Chardham yatra by helicopter.

Kedarnath Yatra By Trek

The trek is 16 kilometers long and initiates in Gaurikund and concludes at Kedarnath. Since the 2013 flood tragedy, the 14-kilometer is now a 16-kilometer trip, extending the total distance to 16 kilometers—the overview of the new Kedarnath Yatra route via trekking is as follows:

  • Sonprayag to Gaurikund is accessible through shared taxis or private taxis.
  • You have to travel to Jungle Chatti which is a four-kilometer hike from Gaurikund over the Rambara Bridge. The distance between Jungle Chatti and Bheembali is three kilometers.
  • Bheembali to Linchauli is 4 kilometres trip
  • Next to reach the Kedarnath Campground from Linchauli, trek for the next 4 kilometers.
  • Next, it is a 1 km journey from Kedarnath Camp Site to Kedarnath Temple

Before venturing on the 16-kilometer trek, pilgrims must undergo a medical examination to determine their physical fitness. In addition, the Kedarnath Trek from Gaurikund begins between 4 AM and 1.30 PM.

Kedarnath is inside the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary. So pilgrims are not authorized to walk beyond a certain period for safety concerns. Further, no pilgrim may depart beyond the specified hour.

Before embarking on this high-altitude Kedarnath Yatra Trek, anyone with heart or respiratory ailments should visit a physician. Additionally, pilgrims can access tents, potable water, eateries, and small shops.

Final Say

Kedarnath is a well-known holy site that draws many people with a religious vocation. Therefore, schedule your Kedarnath Yatra with LIH Travels if you seek complete peace and tranquility.