There are varying sightseeing attractions such as the Irazu volcano for tourists visiting Cartago in Costa Rica. If you visit the city, you will be stepping back in time as you behold the 16th-century ruins, which offer a truly interesting insight into the amazingly rich culture and history of the inhabitants of the pre-Columbian era. The lush-green vegetation that characterizes the region later got cleared by the Spanish settlers that turned the Cartago region into their home. The picturesque villages of the region are a true testimony of a gone by era. The city has a lot to offer to visitors coming in to experience its wonderful past, marvel at its natural attractions, and travel through its historical monuments.

Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Los Ángeles

Dedicated to Virgen de los Pardos, this imposing Byzantine Style basilica was officially called the Lady of the Angels (la Virgen de los Ángeles). The church accommodates the miraculous La Negrita or Black Madonna, a statue that’s famous for its healing powers. The basilica attracts pilgrims from around the entire world on the 2nd of August every year, which happens to be the Virgin of the Angel’s feast day.

Irazu volcano national park

The city’s National Park is the home of the amazing Irazu volcano. The nation’s highest volcano, it has gone through 23 eruptions from 1723, with the last of them occurring in 1963. You can always follow the dedicated Irazu volcano tour from San Jose to see this amazing wonder of nature. The lake that’s located at Diego de la Haya Crater which features the yellow and greenish water that’s quite unusual, is another major attraction in the park.

Orosi Valley

This truly scenic valley lies at around one hour’s drive to the southeast of San Jose, just a little beyond the town that is known as Paraiso. The panoramic views on the way highlight some among the best of all Cartago natural attractions. The town of Orosi is home to the nation’s oldest church which dates right back into the 1700s. The church, which has witnessed and survived several earthquakes, features shrines as well as altars that are carved beautifully from wood. There are several and varying natural thermal springs within the valley which, are quite famous for their varying curative powers.

The Ruins

This archaeological site which is also located in the Cartago region features the ruins of a church that has remained uncompleted since it was destroyed by the earthquake that occurred in 1910. There is also a garden that features a collection of flowers that’s quite interesting within the remaining walls of the church. A key landmark of the downtown part of the amazing city, the ruins always remains a truly excellent place for tourists to relax as they observe the life of the locals.

These are the most amazing sightseeing attractions, including the Irazu volcano, that are capable of mesmerizing tourists that visit the city of Cartago in Costa Rica. There are other varying attractions around the amazing nation. But for those that visit this particular city, these are the foremost ones they can visit. All of the attractions listed here will certainly give you an exciting time.