Cardiovascular diseases have become a very common phenomenon these days. The alarming thing is, most people suffering from it belong to the age group of 40 to 50. This is mainly because of a very strenuous life and unhealthy food habits.

But there are many ways to prevent this scary thing. It is a good idea to understand the risk and then take preventive measures according to it. In fact, there are many treatment options which one can take help of when they think there is any risk regarding heart health. There are best cardiologists in India who can diagnose the heart health and then advice on how one should maintain a healthy routine.

Here are some major things that should keep in mind to maintain a healthy heart and a healthy life.

  • It is true that cardio vascular diseases are very common in an older age but it is also increasing in alarming rate among people of young generation. One has to know their family medical history well because; they do have some impacts on someone’s health. It is better to know your risks than being ignorant. If there is a history of cardiac arrests and strokes in family then it is always a safe idea to go and have a check up.


  • Smoking is very injurious to health. If you smoke or if you have some second hand exposures to smoking, then you have to stop that immediately. This habit increases the rate of lung cancer, heart diseases and peripheral vascular diseases. Apart from that it can bring minor difficulties in life like bronchial asthma and chest congestions. Neither of it is good for human heart. So, it is a great idea to avoid it.


  • One has to maintain a proper blood pressure level. If one has high blood pressure tendency, then they can suffer from many diseases. High blood pressure tears the inner linings of blood vessels making them weak. So, one has to check their blood pressure level at a regular interval. If it is high or low, they should immediately consult a physician.


  • It is good to keep your body cholesterol in check. High blood lipids are the major cause of cardiovascular diseases. There are both good and bad cholesterols. One has to reduce bad cholesterols in their body. For that, one should avoid extra oily food and maintain a healthy diet.


  • Check on your calories. Make sure what you eat are enough healthy. If you have a tendency of diabetes then you have to check your body weight as well. Obesity is another major reason to fall prey of heart diseases. One has to eat healthy portions of protein and carbohydrate and also eat a fruit on a regular basis.


  • Regular free hand exercises keep a body fit and healthy. So make it a routine and see how healthy you feel.

If there is any heart related problem make a list of best cardiologist in India and contact them for check up.