While many homeowners living in the city do not have access to a garden, they take pleasure in the alternative of artificial grassing which offers them a promise of greenery. But, is artificial grassing going to fulfil all the needs that would have a live lawn offered you? Of course not. But, there are certain advantages to artificial grass. In this article, we are going to find out what are the pros and cons of installing artificial grassing. But, before we jump right into the debate, let’s see what is artificial grassing?

What is artificial grass?

In layman terms, artificial grass is nothing but a synthetic material that is manufactured with plastic and looks a lot like real grass. Though this artificial grass is easy to install, it is recommended to get it done by professionals.

Advantages of Artificial Grassing

The smart alternative to having a real lawn is artificial grassing and it has got some good advantages that make it even more convenient and affordable for homeowners to maintain.

  • This type of grass always gives a visually appealing sensation in all types of weather conditions. This is because the weather can’t directly impact the appearance of the turf.
  • It is much more maintenance-friendly when compared to real grass. The real lawn needs to be watered, fertilised and mowed from time to time. The less time you will be spending on maintaining your lawn, the more time you can invest in enjoying your garden.
  • People who spend most of their time away from their home due to work can benefit from this type of grassing as it will not grow rapidly like real grass. As it doesn’t grow like natural grass, you don’t have to worry about its maintenance.
  • Plastic grass does not need water to sustain itself like natural grass. That means it will reduce your water consumption which in turn will help you save water and also on your electric bills.

Disadvantages of Artificial Grassing

Now that we are aware of its advantages, we will see some of the cons of having artificial grassing.

  • Artificial grassing is easy to install but if you don’t have any prior experience, then you might need a professional to do it for you. Moreover, if your turf is of a good standard, then it can be quite expensive for you to install.
  • Some people who are more inclined towards having a real garden, take pride in looking after and maintaining their garden. These people even take pride in it. So, if you are one of these, then having artificial grassing might make you feel guilty.

Installing artificial grasses also takes more time when compared with the growth of natural grass.