Tooth discoloration is a situation where the tooth changes from its original color into another color. This change in color could be as a result of stains or changes within the tooth. In this article, we are going to explore the major types of tooth discoloration, causes, and other factors surrounding it.

What is tooth discoloration?

Tooth discoloration, also referred to as tooth staining is a condition where the original color of the teeth changes to an abnormal or unusual color. Tooth discoloration can be very obvious especially when the person is smiling or talking. The next thing we will be taking a look at is the major types of tooth discoloration.


Symptoms of tooth discoloration

The symptoms of tooth discoloration include brown spots, yellow tints, white streaks, and so on.


Major types of tooth discoloration

There are 3 major types of tooth discoloration which are as follows:

  • Intrinsic

This type of tooth discoloration occurs when the inner parts of the dentin gets darkened. Some of the major causes of the intrinsic type of tooth discoloration include the following:

  • Excess exposure to fluoride.
  • Use of tetracycline antibiotics below 8 years.
  • Use of tetracycline antibiotics during the later stage of pregnancy.
  • A condition known as ‘dentinogenesis imperfecta’ which causes purple or grey discolorations of the teeth.
  • Trauma such as a fall.


This is another type of tooth discoloration that occurs when the enamel is stained. Some of the common causes of this type of tooth discoloration include:

  • Food and drinks such as tea, potatoes, red wine, and so on.
  • Smoking or chewing of tobacco.

Age related

Finally, tooth discoloration can occur due to age. The dentin gets yellow with time, and as you advance in age, the outer layer of the enamel gets thinner, thereby revealing the dentin.

How can it be prevented?

There are various ways you can prevent your teeth from discolorations. For instance, cutting back on coffee, tobacco, and and other factors that causes discoloration will help prevent your teeth from discolorations. In addition, regular brushing after eating, flossing after drinking any colored wine, and improving your dental hygiene in general will also help prevent your teeth from discoloration.

How can it be treated?

Although discolorations cannot be considered as a health problem or condition, it is more of a cosmetic problem. However, it affects physical appearance of your dentition which can be very embarrassing for most people. Using a bleaching agent on the tooth enamel can help remove certain types of discolorations from the teeth. Using whitening toothpastes can also help reduce such discolorations. Doing any of these is good way of removing discolorations, but the best solution is to visit a dentist.

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