There are times, when the patient is recommended to get operated to remove any unwanted tissue or part in the body. In such cases, the surgeon is supported by several medical personnel at the operation theatre (OT) setting. The technicians at the OT course setting are considered to be an integral part and assist the anaesthetists, surgeons and theatre nurses. They help all the medical personnel involved to make the operation safe as well as successful in every possible manner.

The technicians are required to offer support to the patients including their nursing and medical colleagues. They do play an important role while providing operative, peri-operative and post-operative care. They also have the added responsibility to apply theory to various practical aspects in diverse clinical settings. Moreover, the technician is required to possess talent base, in-depth knowledge and better understanding of the operation procedures and their role in the OT setting. Also, they are to have soft skill and managerial abilities to execute their assigned tasks efficiently.

Job profile

The technician has to undergo bsc operation theatre technology to learn the key skills and responsibilities that they are to exhibit at the OT setting. Their job profile is as follows:

  • The technician during anaesthetic stage is required to provide full support and individual attention to the patient just before the surgery. His/her role involves diverse clinical skills to be exhibited. For example, he/she is expected to prepare different types of sophisticated medical equipment such as intravenous equipment, anaesthetic as well as drugs maintenance. The objective here is to ensure the patient’s total safety throughout the procedure and derive successful outcomes.
  • The technician throughout the surgical phase is to work along with the surgeon, providing all types of assistance possible. He/she is to offer correct surgical materials, equipment and tools, facilitate proficient, safe surgery. The technician is expected to be proactive and be able to foresee the team’s specific requirements to complete the surgery successfully. He/she should also act efficiently and responsibly.
  • During the recovery phase, the technician needs to monitor’s the patient’s health condition and physiological parameters. Also, he /she have to offer suitable management and intercessions until the patient recovers fully.

Where are the OT technicians posted?

The technicians are considered to be part and parcel of any OT team and offer specialised know-how as the patient stays at the hospital setting. Although their main job role involves them to focus more on the happenings in the operation theatre, they also are to take care of other critical care segments.

The technicians generally get the job of a:

  • Surgical assistance
  • Surgeon’s first assistant
  • Scrubbed assistant

Personal traits

The technician is expected to function intimately with the surgeon, patients and the entire team. For this having only technical skills is not likely to suffice. Rather, there will be necessary some behaviour traits also. The technician is required to stay as well as work untiringly, while possessing knowledge and good observance power for minute details. He/she should also be able to face extreme pressure while maintaining calm during emergencies. Also is important showing compassion and patience along with fitness levels, health and communication skills.

It is the above aspects combined with a course in bsc ot and valid certification that offers the candidate a bright opportunity in the domain and wonderful career prospects.