Struggling to find a gift for your loved one? Well, don’t fret! Keep on reading to find just how you should go about choosing a gift for her!

Base your gift ideas on your girlfriend’s interests, style, or activities.

Think about what she likes. Does she like jewelry, video games, fashion, books, music, hats, shoes? Pay attention to what she does when you’re together, what movies she says she wants to see, what kind of food she chooses to eat, what colors she tends to wear, what music she tends to listen to. This should give you an idea of her general tastes!

Consider about the kind of person she is. Is she someone who cares a lot about brand names, fashion and shopping? Or is she a tomboy who enjoys climbing trees and being in the great outdoors? Does she like to cook? Relate the gifts to what you know about her. A lot of women love vintage dresses, if you think you’re on to a winner here check out TopVintage.

Just be observant. Listen to what she says she’s doing when you’re not around. Recall what she does in her spare time. Does she have any hobbies? You can show your support for her activities if you get her a gift she can use while doing her hobbies. For example, if she’s into art, you could get her a top of the range sketchbook and pencils from an art store, or a drawing tablet.

Think about her career focus and needs. Many people are obsessed with their careers. Is your girlfriend like this? If so, what does she need for work? A new bag for work? A nice pen? How about an iTunes gift certificate to make those early morning commutes a little less hair-tearing?

Look for hints in past conversations. Often your girlfriend will tell you what she wants or needs without even realizing it. The trick is to just listen out for any clues, make a game out of it!

Style of gift


Handmade gifts are a fantastic touch. The thought, effort and time that you’ve put into to producing something personal for her will really show her how much you care. Whether it be a necklace, bracelet or a t-shirt, craft it to fit her personality, or an inside joke you both share.


Whilst she out of the room, have a look through her ipod and see if you can find what her most played songs/artists are. From there, you could create a playlist and burn it onto a CD for her to listen to on her journeys!

A weekend away

You could book a weekend away for yourselves and focus on just the two of you; spa treatments, long walks, romantic meals are all the lovey dovey malarky couples love doing. Or, if you’re really bold – book a summer holiday somewhere exotic and in advance.

So there you have some ideas that you can hopefully build upon and tailor to your girlfriends’ taste! Just remember, it’s all about being observant and listening very carefully to any hints she may drop. Good luck!

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