Climate change is a reality! It is high time we move past the ‘all talk and no show’ approach and take necessary actions – both adaptive and mitigative. Among the many threats posed due to climate change, one of the significant ones is that arising out of exposure to UV rays. UV rays are known to be harmful for our skin and eyes, and can also result in health complications. So it’s imperative that we take precautions.

When it comes to taking precautions for our eyes, we need to ensure that whenever we step outdoors in sunny conditions, we do put a pair of sunglasses on. But then, some people – especially those with a prescription – complain that they find it inconvenient to carry two pairs of glasses for both their indoor and outdoor needs. Let me tell you that you no longer need to worry, with transition lenses around.

Transition lenses are already gaining popularity at a fast pace in the UK. To get your own, you can order glasses online in the UK for amazing styles at affordable prices. But before you proceed with your purchase, let us understand the transition lenses in detail.

What are Transition Lenses?

Also referred to as photochromic lenses, these innovative lenses are designed in such a way that their crystal clear appearance transitions into a relatively darker one as the intensity of light falling on them increases – for instance, when we move from indoors to a relatively brighter area. 

This amazing inbuilt mechanism allows transition lenses to be used both as a pair of normal eyeglasses – whether prescription or non-prescription – and as a pair of sunglasses, eliminating the need for you to carry two different pairs for indoor and outdoor needs.

Science Behind Transition Lenses

To stay relevant, the eyewear industry has taken the help of science and innovated outstanding products, transition lenses being one of them. Let us look into the science behind these lenses.

  • Transition lenses are made up of carbon-based molecules. 
  • When exposed to UV rays, the shape of these molecules changes as they absorb the light falling on them. This blocks the further transmission of UV rays to the sensitive eyes.
  • The darker appearance of these lenses results from the light that they absorb.
  • The lenses return to their clear appearance in the absence of UV rays.

Benefits of Transition Lenses

An innovation can be called successful if it has even a single benefit on humanity. Transition lenses have many of them. Here they are!

  • They keep our eyes healthy by blocking the harmful UV rays from reaching the eyes. It is found out that long-term exposure to UV rays may result in development of cataracts at later stages of our lives.
  • These are glasses that turn into sunglasses. Hence, you just need to carry a single pair for both your needs. Hence, your portability of glasses improves big time.
  • Logically, they are cheaper. At first, the price tag of a pair of glasses fitted with transition lenses might appear unreasonable. But when you realise that you are effectively owning two pairs of glasses, the price is no longer an issue. 
  • Transition lenses can make your style game bold and help you stand out. You are bound to make heads turn as you move around with these lenses changing the colour of their tints on their own.