Testosterone is a male hormone primarily produced in the testicles. This hormone is responsible for maintaining bone density, muscle strength and mass, fat distribution, sex drive facial and body hair in men. This hormone is generally at its peak during adolescence and adulthood. As the age increases, the testosterone level gradually starts to decline. It drops 1 percent in a year after the 30’s or 40’s. It may be normal as the age increases, but men need to determine if the low testosterone level is due to aging or some other ailment. Well, learn how testosterone pellet treatment can help in this situation. 

Benefits of testosterone pellet therapy

There are several types of hormone replacement therapies that one can consider taking. But other kinds of testosterone replacement therapy lack a number of advantages that testosterone pellets have. 

  1. Unlike injections or gels, Pellet treatment allows you to reap the benefits of continuous testosterone supplementation for up to four months without having to remember to take a dose of hormones. 
  1. Testosterone pellets provide a stable hormone dose throughout time, avoiding the unpleasant emotions that might occur when testosterone levels fluctuate. On the other hand, fast-acting forms, such as injectable testosterone, can cause your testosterone levels to spike right after the injection and then drop quickly. Testosterone patches may not induce a spike in testosterone levels, but they can irritate the skin and loosen or fall off if you move or sweat a lot. Meanwhile, some people find that gels and creams feel uncomfortable and find them less effective if used immediately after bathing. That is why testosterone pellet therapy can be suitable for both tolerability and efficacy reasons, which could make a big difference in your condition.
  1. Testosterone pellet therapy has shown results in improving muscle mass, boosting energy, increasing sense of well-being, relieving depression anxiety, and improving concentration and memory. As the testosterone hormone maintains all these things, so when you fulfill the amount required by your body, it improves your overall health.
  1. Another benefit of Testosterone pellets is that it increases lean body mass and decreases the body mass in a person. Men need an adequate amount of testosterone hormones for mental and physical wellness and to prevent chronic illnesses like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, diseases that are associated with low testosterone levels.

Is the treatment effective? 

When you are struggling with low testosterone levels, you may want to try every treatment possible. Well, one effective therapy that doctor’s recommend is testosterone pellet therapy. Before going in for it, you would want to know about its effectiveness. This treatment has received mixed feedback. In a study, where 17 percent of people opted to go for testosterone pellet therapy over other testosterone replacement therapies, 70 percent were satisfied and reported feeling an immediate boost in their energy level and sex drive. With such good results, doctors recommend testosterone pellet therapy for males with hypogonadism (a condition in which the male body doesn’t produce enough testosterone). 

Maintaining testosterone levels in the body is extremely important for men. Implanting testosterone pellets under the skin has worked well in emitting a low level of testosterone over several months. So you can consult a doctor and go ahead with the treatment.