Preparing your home for sale if you haven’t sold a house in the past ten years. Today’s home buyers are savvier than ever about market conditions and industry trends. For some home sellers, this can be a drawback because buyers are looking for the best, and many can afford to be selective. Don’t let your home fall through the cracks because it may not be in a pristine condition. Hiring a full service real estate agent for properties that may be hard to market can make a huge difference, and it’s a wise choice for the sellers. A question that you as the seller should ask a real estate agent is if he or she has used professional real estate photography on 100% of their listings? If a real estate agent does not understand or is not prepared to give you the advantage of professional photography, how will your property be effectively marketed for top dollar?

A great tip to sell your home fast, but is often overlooked, is to make all the necessary repairs or at least the ones you are aware of before you list your home. If investing in needed upgrades is not something you are willing to do, do not worry. A few minor touch ups can go a long way in helping to make a positive impression on potential home buyers and in helping to close the deal. Preparing your home for sale often means looking at it from the other person’s perspective, in this case that other person being the buyer. To sell your home fast, put your “buyer’s” hat on and conduct a thorough walk through of your home. Be realistic and take constructive notes of every item, you as the buyer, would notice. Recall, the potential buyers are looking for anything they can use to negotiate a sales price reduction. Consider getting a home inspection by a licensed home inspector to anticipate potential red flags that can impede the sale.

The good news is that a full service real estate professional will have the experience to support your plan and be capable of marketing properties in less than ideal conditions. If you are not willing to invest money in preparation to show the property at its best, then at a minimum invest your time, to sell your home fast. Most experts agree that sellers leave less money on the table the more time and money they put back into showing the property at its best. Two home selling tips that everyone can do, and maybe even have a little fun doing them, are to paint every room and replace the hardware on cabinets and doors in the entire house. A fresh coat of quality paint will help conceal minor imperfections and make it easier for your full service real estate professional to show and market your home during the open house. Upgrading the cabinet hardware and doorknobs throughout your home can be just the right way to accessorize the fresh paint. Help make your real estate agent’s professional real estate photography stand out even more! Statistically speaking, professional photos posted online of your listing can convert more web viewers into actual traffic. To learn more and to be connected with a local real estate expert Click Here Today.