Here again, we are to debate which one is better? – Short or long hair. Talking about length, there is no good or bad hair. Both of them have good sides and bad sides. If you are fond of short hair, it is definite that you will have many problems. In the same way, someone who loves wearing long hair may find issues with short hair. The main difference lies in the perspective of how you see it. Whatever the reason, based on scientific reasoning, let’s look into both hair’s pros and cons. This will help you to conclude which suits you the best, depending on your choices of their excellent qualities. If you love makeup, you will choose long hair while a woman playing sports will go for a short one. Let’s compare them based on various aspects as shown below;

1.   Hairdressing Time

What do you think about this, long or short hair? Many people believe that long hair takes a long time to style without knowing that short hair consumes maximum time. Long hair normally adapts to its initial hairstyle. Long hair usually looks lazy for any change due to its massive size and length. When it comes to short hair, the styling can be changed as it cannot maintain its original style. They need constant care and restyling. This consumes most of the time. Sometimes short hair makes us feel worried, insecure, or uncomfortable, especially at large gatherings, because it cannot be trusted as it can get distorted often.

A bit of restyling can achieve your desired hairstyle for long hair that can last throughout the day without changing much. For instance, whether you have long wavy hair or braiding hair, you can still wear the same style for a few days. So, it takes less time unless you go for a clean shave when it comes to time consumption.

2.   Versatility of Styling

When it comes to hairstyle types, both of them have their way of styling. Let’s discuss how good they are in their own way. When it comes to restyling, short hair takes less time compared to long hair. We can easily switch from one style to another with the least effort. When it comes to long hair, it takes more time and effort to convert one type to another, despite having numerous hairstyles such as braids, ponytails, waves, curls, etc. while for short hair, the different styles can be achieved, but they won’t be easily recognized as that of long hair. So the decision is yours; do you prefer going with easy styling or noticeable styling.

3.   Economic friendliness

Which one do you think spends more on- long or short hair? I assume that most will say long hair needs more money to spend on them. Yes, this is true because it is a fact, long hair means more volume and more surface area. Such hair needs more of everything that you apply. Shampoo, conditioner, serum, oil, color, and the list goes on. These are all linked to your expenditure. You need not waste much of your money on short hair as it consumes fewer hair products to keep them in good shape. At the same time, one should forget the fact that short hair needs timely trimming. You need to visit your salon at least twice a month to maintain the length because, for short hair, even a slight growth seems to be too long. Long hair may only need to visit a salon on rare occasions because growing hair will only make it longer. So you better look at the opportunity cost and choose the one you think is good for you.

4.   Convenience

Well, if I go with the majority, I prefer short hair to work. Think about going for a workout or hike or any other activities in long hair. Sorry, I can’t even think about it as I feel uncomfortable being in long hair no matter what. You may think that there are other solutions for long hair like braiding hair or tying them with bands while working, but it is still a waste of time as it will distract you somehow. Long hair could be only suitable for people like Rapunzel, who need not have to work much.

Long hair usually impedes our performance. This is why most athletes, such as fighters, footballers, etc., tie or braid their hair. It is challenging to deal with your hair during hot summer days as it insulates heat, raising the temperature. The bottom line is; most people feel comfortable working with short hair.

5.   Hygiene

When it comes to hygiene, short hair rules the style. When you maintain your hair short, it looks neat and clean. You don’t mind washing it as often as you wish, as it takes less time to wash and dry. However, for long hairs, it happens otherwise. The hair keeps on falling, especially on our bed, kitchen and looks the surrounding messier and dirty. Long hair takes more time to wash and dry, so most people can’t wash during the morning before going to the office or other work. The only time to wash long hair is during the evening, weekends, or free time.

6.   Which hairstyle suits you the most?

I can’t say short hair looks good or long hair looks good. It entirely depends on who wears it. However, many women prefer long hair to look gorgeous; certain girls look stunning in short hair. Some girls look great in a ponytail, some in braiding hair, some in wavy hair. And if we have to stick to the majority, I would say long hair suits the girl because it adds texture to their beauty and creates a sense of womanize. After all, short hair is a men’s hairstyle, and long hair is a women’s hairstyle due to their major dominance.

7.   Which One Needs More care?

I need not have answered this because it is evident that long hair needs more care. Long hair is only for those who can care well; otherwise, it looks messy and dirty on your head instead of adding beauty. You need to protect it from moisture, cold, and heat to maintain its texture. When it comes to short hair, most people don’t care much about external factors that could damage it.

Have You Now Decided Which One is Better?

It is always a hard choice between the two. At one point in time, short hair looks good, and on other days, long hair seems perfect. As stated earlier, both of them have their pros and cons; they never come in one single complete package. The decision purely depends on your choice of style. If you feel good having long hair that can be made into curly hair or wavy hair overloaded with colors, better keep long hair. Likewise, if you don’t care about your hairstyle as you are too busy with work, you better go with short hair as they are more convenient. This may not end the debate between which is the better option, but I believe it will somehow provide insight into their qualities and features. Try wearing both and see which one looks good for you.