A campfire is a backyard container used for outdoor campfires and cooking. There are two main types of pit structures-wooden pits, which burn logs and other wood, and gas pits, which burn natural gas.

Mu Keng and Qi Keng have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which type is better depends on the specific needs and requirements of users?

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The wooden pit is very suitable for outdoor barbecues. If food spills into the pit, it is not a big problem. However, with the gas version, you may end up clogging the gas burner. Mu Keng is perfect for frying marshmallows and other delicacies over an open flame. Making is also available in a portable version, so you can take it with you when you hike.

The gas pit is connected to a source of natural gas, so it is a permanent device used to start a fire. Air cushions are not suitable for cooking outdoors. In many cities and more and more suburbs, local authorities have banned the burning of wood due to fire hazards and air quality issues. In some cases, forest fires are only prohibited during certain weather-related periods (such as fire alarms or air quality alarms).

If there is a problem with the legality of burning wood, gas mine is a good choice. However, these wells, especially those with higher BTE, can be more expensive and more dangerous due to the use of gas sources.

It is easier to light a gas pit than a wooden pit. Wooden logs should start with a small fire and then process smaller pieces of wood to ignite the logs. Gas wells are easy to ignite with matches or lighters, and newer models have electric igniters. It is also easy to extinguish the gas pit, because you only need to turn off the gas handle for the fire. Extinguishing wood fires requires more work because the flames must be extinguished with water, which generates a lot of smoke and steam.

Natural gas is pure combustion, so it will be a mess after a fire in a gas mine. After using the fireplace, you will have a lot of ashes, soot, burnt wood, and possibly burnt food to clean up.

Making also requires you to keep the logs dry to facilitate burning. You can still use wet logs, but before it burns, in addition to the fire, you should also let it dry. Making also needs to be supplemented. Therefore, deciding which type of firewood is best for you will depend on your specific situation and which pit best suits your needs.

Why choose limestone pits? One of the main attractions is that it looks great on the street. It is safe to say that the limestone fireplace is one of the most beautiful pits in your home. Natural limestone looks organic and old-fashioned, which is perfect for outdoor conditions such as terraces or gardens. No matter how big your pit is, natural limestone is very suitable.

Using stone to make a fireplace is not a new idea. The pit made of stone has its roots and is closely related to the past. But until recently, more and more people started to set fires in their backyards or gardens. Limestone is considered soft rock, which means there is more space between the molecules that make up the stone. This quality makes them softer, lighter, and highly permeable.

Building your own limestone pit gives you a lot of freedom in the overall appearance of the pit. Since this is considered one of the highlights of your stay in the fresh air, you naturally want it to look great. When designing a limestone pit, make sure it aligns with the existing design features of your terrace or garden so that it does not look inappropriate.

You can design a cute limestone pit yourself. It all depends on your own imagination and creativity. But if you really want a beautiful limestone fireplace, then it is recommended to consult a landscape architect, they will help you solve this problem. The landscape architect not only has to make sure that your limestone pit looks great, but also that it is safe and easy to use. Visit us Go Fire pit