In America, the movement towards legal marijuana has been one of the most significant changes we have undergone as a society in the past decade. Despite recreational cannabis being legal nowhere in America a decade ago, it is now 100% legal to purchase and consume marijuana for fun in 18 states.

If you have witnessed these changes and decided that you are finally ready to visit a dispensary, we have got you covered. A little bit of preparation will ensure that you get the most out of your first dispensary visit, whether you are seeking to use marijuana recreationally or for medical purposes. 

1. Do Your Research

No matter where you are buying weed or why you wish to buy it, it is imperative that you do your research beforehand. Make sure that you find a licensed dispensary in your local area, as this is legally much safer than crossing state lines to buy marijuana. For example, buyers in Arizona, Florida, Florida, California, and Maryland can use Harvest to find a licensed venue near their home.

In addition, make sure to research your strains, as some strains of marijuana will not be ideal for first-time users. Meanwhile, certain types of users might prefer to consume marijuana via an edible or another smoke-free method that a dispensary might be able to offer. 

2. Bring Your ID and Paperwork

If you wish to actually make it past the front door, you need to bring the correct documents. If recreational marijuana is legal in your state, all you should need is your ID. It is absolutely forbidden to sell marijuana to anyone under the age of 21. In addition, it is illegal in many states to sell marijuana to someone who is not resident in the state. If you cannot provide this, you will be refused service. 

3. Prepare a Realistic Budget

Many first-time marijuana dispensary customers are taken aback by the price of marijuana. The days of poor-quality, dried-out dime bags are long gone. Dispensaries contain high-quality plants and the average price for an ounce nationwide is currently $326. However, this figure can be significantly higher for certain strains and edible products. Always prepare a realistic budget so that you do not leave empty-ended. 

4. Ask Lots of Questions 

If you are a first-timer, do not hesitate to ask the dispensary staff as many questions as you want. They are there and they are trained to put you at ease and ensure that you have all of the facts you need to make informed decisions about the drugs that you choose to consume. If you are unsure about certain strains or want some guidance on the different ways to consume marijuana, ask away. If you need advice on dosage and how to find the right balance of THC, that’s what the staff are there for! 

What Else You Need to Know 

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