It is pretty common for most girls to have a closet that is full of cheap clothes. We have numerous clothes in our closet, yet we don’t have anything to wear. Most of us also follow the fashion industry closely and try to copy the trends into their wardrobe. With the change in trends, we also change our shopping habits. It is a tale that you will hear from almost every girl out there. While impulse shopping is very common with women, instead of spending money on several different clothing, they should invest in responsibly made, high quality clothes that will last for a long time.

To properly incorporate this habit you need to commit the closet purge. There are several clothes in our closet which we don’t wear ever. If you properly go through your closet and try to organise with, you will see the huge pile of clothes that are unwanted. Throwing away these clothes which were ones quite close to your heart might be a little too harsh and a big waste. Instead you can drop them off at a local charity store or even repurpose them.

Most of the tops for women can repurposed easily, but overall if you are staring a huge pile, it might take you a while to find a new home for them or extend their life. Here are a few things that you can think of doing with your unwanted clothing.

  1. If you have something that is still in pretty good quality, then the first thing that you should do is search for it on the internet. Search ways to wear or style it. You will see that there are several new ways in which you can wear the same item of clothing, yet look extremely different. It will shine a whole new light on the garment and make you look at it from an angle from which you haven’t ever seen it before.
  2. You can take your clothes to a seamstress. If the clothes don’t fit you anymore, then you can have the size altered easily from them. Otherwise, if you are lucky enough to find a really good seamstress, then you can practically redesign all those clothes.
  3. If you assign new roles to your old clothes, then you can make use of them for a much longer time. Many of your everyday clothes that have become too old now can be used as sleep shirts, swimsuit cover-ups, workout clothes or even gardening clothes.
  4. If not into new clothes, you can still re-purpose these old clothes into a lot more things. You can turn the old clothes into potholders, cleaning clothes, dish towels, makeup bags, etc.

You can ask your friends and family members if they are looking for any particular type of clothing. If you have that in your pile then you can just give it to them so that they can make the best use of it. You can also ask them to come and take a look at the clothes and see if they want anything from it or not.