Many couples are now opting for alternative engagement rings such as the sapphire engagement rings. Do you wish to make a statement that defies tradition and convention? If yes, why don’t you think about sapphire rings as amazing alternatives to classic diamond? Usually featuring a blue colour, the gemstones come in varying colours and provide a wide range of options when it concerns design and selecting settings and a style. This article brings some crucial information that should assist you in choosing from among the many rings that are out there in the market.


Sapphire solitaire

This style is the one that gets most associated with diamonds but it carries a solitaire gemstone equally well. It functions wonderfully with different sapphire sizes and also complements varying types of metal bands. One of the biggest advantages offered by this style is its ability to accommodate many varying cuts and appears remarkably elegant with the majority of them, including heart-shaped, rectangle, oval and square-shaped. Sapphire rings bearing the solitaire style provides a more traditional touch of a ring that is otherwise less conventional.


Sapphires with diamonds

Some couples sometimes desire something that’s different but they still desire to retain the link to tradition, and so they look to integrate diamonds into their sapphire rings. Sapphires appear fabulous together with diamonds and the ring with a cluster setting which incorporates a sapphire that’s surrounded by diamonds is among the foremost and most popular alternative to diamond engagement rings you will ever find. Professional jewellers frequently use a sapphire as the centrepiece then integrate diamonds into the band as the alternative to the cluster. This actually boils down to individual preferences, but since sapphires and diamonds beautifully complement one another, there are varying combinations you could consider.


Sapphire Bands

This ring-type appeals to couples that feature a taste of ‘less are more’. With sapphire bands, the band which could be gold, silver, or platinum features sapphires that are implanted within the band itself in contrast to the gemstones getting set onto the ring as accessories of the stand-alone type. Just like the eternity ring, the size of the sapphire band varies as regards the type and size of the metal of the band. These rings are certainly different and they provide an uncommon alternative to the more traditional sapphire engagement rings.


Coloured Sapphires

Sapphires come in a vast range of different colours that begins from the unique orange sapphire right up to the yellow, pink, as well as purple ones. Actually, blue sapphire rings are the ones that are most common but the price of every single gemstone varies according to its rarity, size, as well as quality.


If you happen to be seeking to have or use an engagement ring that has a real difference, you should consider alternative engagement rings options that feature a sapphire. Still, a choice that is a classic, it provides something that is a bit more fabulous when integrated into an engagement ring. When you use them, you certainly end up with an engagement ring option that is completely unique and truly loved by your partner.