Furniture is a key element in home decor and design. But it is very difficult to handle and arrange the heavy furniture. In a house move, the toughest task is to lifting and moving heavy furniture. It requires a lot of hard work and time. If handled incorrectly, it can cause an injury or may damage your other belongings. This is why most of the people prefer to hire a company who offers professional moving services. Some packing and moving companies also provide furniture removal services separately, such as  a leading company known for Best house removals Farnborough also offer professional furniture removals services at cost effective prices. But if you’re doing everything yourself, follow these tips to prevent injuries.

Disassemble furniture Pieces Carefully

It is difficult to move and handle large furniture pieces such as king size bed, cabinets, dressers, armchairs, sectional sofa and more because they are too heavy or awkwardly shaped. This is why the better option is to disassemble the larger furniture pieces so they can easily fit or pass through standard door openings.

Use Good Lifting Form or Technique

The lifting form matters a lot when moving heavy furniture. The professional movers lift and move heavy furniture by using a good lifting form. A great safety tip for a disciplined lifting is to consistently lift with the legs and lift it gradually instead of jerking the furniture piece. It is suggested to make slow and smooth moves to avoid any damage or injuries.

Hook L-Shaped Furniture Around The Doorways

Armchairs or recliners are difficult to move because of their awkward shapes. A simple tip to move such furniture is to hook them around the corners. Simply turn the chair into a side like it makes “L”, then moves the back around the doorway.

Use A Dolly

This equipment is very useful to lift heavy furniture and it also prevents back injuries. So, consider buying a dolly to move or lift heavy furniture. The professional movers such as a reputed company known for house removals Dulwich uses advanced techniques and the right equipment to lift heavy furniture.

Use Moving Safety Tools

The best way to lessen the chances of injury or strain on your body is to use moving safety tools to make the furniture removal easier and safer. These safety tools include gloves, dollies, furniture sliders, hand trucks, forklift devices and more. Use gloves to protect your hands and aid grip when you’ll lift the heavy furniture pieces.

Wear Proper Clothing And Footwear

Safety is the main concern while moving furniture. In this way, clothing and footwear matter  a lot. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to stay safe while lifting and moving objects. It is better to wear flexible and breathable clothes so you can move freely. Don’t wear loose or long clothing as they can get hooked on doorways and furniture. Choose flat and comfortable footwear such as sneakers that provide grip and support to the feet.