Storing forms an integral part of all the industries across the world. When it comes to logistics, storing facilities become a significant feature as the products are kept till they are approved to be sold.

Many customers search for companies that provide them with the most upgraded storage facilities. Armstrong has successfully placed itself among the topmost companies offering robotic palletizing systems made especially for you. Robotic palletization is an advanced method of storing and placing the products on the pallets. 

Difference between Robotic Palletization and Conventional Palletization 

There are certain differences between robotic and conventional palletization. Traditional palletizers comprise an array of conveyors and related trappings. As the product goes into the conveyor, it is rotated to place into the correct orientation prior to placing rows at the eventual stop. The rows are then shifted to a layer-forming table and are then stacked on pallets. 

On the other hand, robotic palletizers use an infeed conveyor. The mechanism doesn’t include bumping or sliding the items into the conveyor. In this case, a robotic arm accesses the items and moves them into the conveyor while they are on the go, or simply lifts them onto the pallets. 

Advantages of using Robotic Palletization 

Robotic palletization comes with certain benefits like prevention of damages, rise in safety and security, punctual production, diminishing reduction costs, and more. You should definitely consider Armstrong for its promising quality, and post-service check-ups when considering robotic palletization. 

  1. Escalates Working Environment and Safety Measures: 

One of the sole functions of robotic palletization is to seamlessly function with heavy loads and repetition of movements. These works are extremely pressurized and strenuous for any worker to carry on with. 

There comes a time when a worker or employee might feel a loss of physical strength and end up hurting themselves and the equipment while loading the pallet. A robotic palletizer ensures constant safety, prevents fatigue, strain, and physical exertion caused by repetitive work. 

  1. Boost in Production Flexibility: 

Every robotic palletizer’s task is to incorporate an operator interface for handling a wide range of palletizing patterns. Armstrong’s robotic palletizer offers a coherent way of modifying, adding, and adjusting the palletizing system in every way possible. Robotic palletization also enables users to change the products independently depending on the production requirements. 

  1. Augment the Production Speed: 

Robotic palletization makes continuous repetition at a consistent speed and without any error very much possible. All these factors ultimately create the perfect pallet. Additionally, there are also certain grippers that pick numerous pieces simultaneously, resulting in even higher speed. It all depends on the number of robots and the space to assess the actual speed. 

  1. Results in Enhanced Finished Products: 

The robotic palletization process is run by constant repetition and rigour. This results in a precise finish in the products. Since the process only involves robots, it cuts down any kind of stress, fatigue, strain, and physical pain. Ultimately, the result is a high-quality product. 

  1. Ample workspace: 

Another advantageous factor about using Armstrong’s robotic palletization system is that it offers abundant space. It functions in a way that provides a spacious area for the other employees and equipment to be placed. 

  1. Diminished Operating Costs: 

Whenever you are thinking about opting for robotic palletization, you are also considering the fact that it will result in reduced operating costs. Since robots don’t require lights to operate, it saves quite an amount of operating cost incurred in lights. In fact, robots can also operate in any kind of temperature, therefore, there is also no additional cost of cooling or heating. 


To conclude, shifting to robotic palletization is the best decision. To help you, Armstrong offers the best price alongside providing efficient after-sales service.