As you know, PDF files are quite common and highly secure, meaning you will not be able to edit PDF files, so usually we will convert to other formats such as word, text or excel. for easy editing.

In this article I will share an online conversion tool like Soda PDF, no installation, no use fee and just the Internet, which is Free File Convert.

Convert PDF to Word

Step 1: Go to the Free File Convert homepage, then upload the PDF file from your computer to convert to Word.

Step 2: Select the docx format of the word -> click Convert to start the conversion process.

Step 3: After the conversion is complete, we will have the interface as shown -> click Download to start downloading to your computer, if you want to delete the converted file successfully, click Delete .

Convert PDF to Text

Step 1: Select the PDF document from the device -> then convert to Text format -> click Convert to start converting to Documents.

Step 2: After the converter is successful -> click Download to download to your computer.

Convert PDF to images

The steps to convert to images are similar to Word and Text, and this is the result after converting to PNG.

You can choose to convert many different documents such as:

  1. Support converting PDF to Word, Text, PNG, XML, HTML, DOC, TIFF, RTF, VOR, JPG, GIF, BMP, JPEG, EBook and many more.
  2. Support converting from Excel to PDF, Word, Text, PNG, JPG.
  3. Support converting from Word to PDF, Text, PNG, JPG.
  4. Support conversion from PNG, JPG to PDF.
  5. Support converting from EBook to Text, PDF, Word, PNG, JPG.

In addition to converting files, the site also supports additional Tools specific to PDF including:

  1. Compress PDF: supports PDF compression.
  2. Split PDF: support split PDF files into many different files.
  3. Encrypt PDF: encrypt to protect PDF files.
  4. Decrypt PDF: Decrypt PDF means unlocking an encrypted file.
  5. OCR: Optical character recognition helps scan images to documents.

So I have instructed how to convert PDF documents into many different formats and vice versa. website, very good support in file conversion and completely free. Hope this article will help us manage documents and editing easily. Good luck!