Paneer is an all-time favourite ingredient for most of the people, particularly for the Vegetarian People. If you want to cook your favourite Paneer preparation without Onions and Garlic, then first, you have to get the idea of these recipes. Various Paneer delicacies can be prepared like this. Some of them are described in the following:

  • MatarPaneer: Paneer can be regarded as a trademark ingredient for the vegetarian foodies.MatarPaneer is a very famous Paneer preparation; however, it can be prepared without Onion and Garlic. In many festivals too it is compulsory to prepare no-Onion and no-Garlic dishes and you can easily include this recipe in your menu for such days. Besides Paneer, an array of spices including Ginger, Cumin Seeds, Red Chillies, etc. are used in this recipe. You can serve this comforting MatarPaneer with Chapatis. If you want to learn the recipe of matarpaneer without onion, then you can go through popular food websites.

  • Paneer Butter Masala: If all the Paneer recipes listed together, then Paneer Butter Masala will be in top positions. This tangy, creamy, and spiced Paneer recipe can be prepared without Onion and Garlic. In this recipe, Onions not usually added; however Garlic added in a form of Garlic Paste and it creates the main base of this dish. You can add Asafoetida to imitate the Garlic flavour along with some Whole Spices.


This heart-warming recipe requires ripe and red Tomatoes to provide a mild sweetness to this gravy. You should avoid sour Tomatoes otherwise the gravy can turn sour and even Sugar will not help much. If you do not want heavy richness and want to make it soothing and light, then Cream can be skipped along with the use of fewer Cashews.

  • KadaiPaneer: It is a popular, delicious, and flavourful Paneer dish prepared in Tomato based gravy. If you are planning the menu of any festival, then you can include Panner recipe and can cook it without Onions. Without using Onions too, this recipe will become full of flavorsand be refreshing as well. You can easily cook this recipe by adding minimal ingredients and thus the flavour and aroma will remain the same. Bell Pepper and Tomato are two other main ingredients in KadaiPaneer.

  • ShahiPaneer: It is a rich and scrumptious Paneer preparation. Without using Onion and Garlic, you can make as well. It can be considered as a royal curry, as it was cooked in the royal partier earlier. This yummy curry tastes mind-blowing and tempting. You can make it as a pure vegetarian recipe. This Paneer delicacy is prepared with Paneer cubes, Tomato puree, Cream, Cashew Nut Paste along with an array of Spices. This preparation requires commonly available and simple ingredients. You can make this recipe as a lunch or dinner menu. ShahiPaneer can be accompanied with Roti, Naan or Paratha.

You can also make a number of Paneerrecipes without Garlic and Onion including Potato Paneer Curry, Paneer Capsicum Masala, etc.