Vegetarians often find it difficult to place an order in the restaurant. They are often teased about the same as well. And they somehow end up ordering the same dish again and again.  So, when you are finally bored of the same paneer butter masala or cholabhatura or alukaparatha; it is finally time to try something new.

So, here I am going to give you a list of 3 vegetarian items that is really famous in our country and it definitely a must try. Where these dishes mostly get sidelined in the food menu, I absolutely love them.s

  1. Paneertikka– paneertikka is a dry recipe that one may have as a starter. This is a very light recipe and is very easy on your appetite. It has all these sauces on the outside crisp surface of the paneer, whereas the inside is nice and moist. I cannot stop myself from ordering this when at a restaurant. Paneer lovers could try out this recipe at home also. One might even take the help of the internet because the paneer tikka recipe in Hindi and English is easily available over there.
  2. Sarson da saag and make ki roti– for those who don’t know, sarson means mustard in Hindi and makka is corn. This preparation in particular has basically two items in it and they both go hand in hand. They are the best combination and one always loves to have them. This particular recipe is very famous in the northern side of our country and it originated from Punjab and Haryana. This is a seasonal item though. So, when it is the season for mustard and corn, one should just not miss it. In fact I would also suggest you to have this from one of the north-Indian dhabas. They excel in the preparation of it and you would left licking your fingers. Preparing this t home could be a little tricky for those who are new at cooking. But you could always give it a try.
  3. Mushroom chilli- although many of the vegetarians argue, that the mushrooms are not a vegetarian item, many happy gorge on them. And I definitely happen to be one of them. I absolutely love them. They go well with chapattis or even vegetable fried rice. The mushrooms just melt in your mouth and they give you a mesmerising taste. I love this item so much that I often prepare them at home. And needless to say, everybody is a fan of it. So if I can make it, you can too. Again, just take some help from the internet and get the recipe and I am sure you will love the preparation.

So, these were my 3 favourite vegetarian dishes that I would definitely recommend everyone to try out. Don’t be shy to try something new at the restaurant. I hope these have already got your mouth watery and you would soon try them out. So, what’s cooking tonight?