Is your life hectic? Is the fatigue of work catching up to you? Do you get enough time in a day to take care of yourself?

Many of us who live our lives by the clock if answering truthfully, will not ask ourselves these questions as we know we do not get the time to do the same, in the often-tiring rat-race of life, we tend to lose track of the one thing that should matter the most to us, our health! With multiple back-breaking hours of work, a growing sedentary lifestyle, and as a result of the same, an incorrect posture, many of us have started to develop many health issues which we are not able to address, these issues if allowed to fester, can go on to form major health issues which can result in the further and rapid deterioration of one’s health.

Today we discuss spinal issues, their types, and spine doctor.

What are spinal issues

A spinal issue Is a type of health issue that functions and, in more severe cases, hinders or impairs the functioning of one of the bodies most vital components, the spine! The reasons because of which spinal issues may occur in a human being are of a varied nature, and the following are some reasons because of which spinal issues may occur –

  • Accidents or falls
  • Disorders present since birth
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Inherited disorders
  • Injuries which may range from minor to traumatic
  • Natural Degeneration which may be caused by ageing
  • Incorrect posture which has not been treated

Factors that increase the risk of a spinal issue

There are a wide range of factors that increase the risk of developing a spinal issue in a human being, just as the issue, they are varied in nature and can be prevented from manifesting if a proper lifestyle is followed –

  • Excess weight on the body and obesity
  • Improper weightlifting techniques in straining exercises such as Powerlifting and deadlifting
  • Nutrition deficits or unhealthy lifestyle habits, which may be – a sedentary lifestyle, low calcium and smoking
  • Pre-existing health conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or thyroid issues
  • Overdoing exercises or occupational movement such as travel
  • Repetitive strenuous activities without appropriate rest breaks in between

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms related to spine disorders may differ according to the nature of the spinal issue and its effect; the following are some of the symptoms of spinal disorders –

  • Abnormally rounded shoulders and back
  • Back pain, which may vary in its impact, could be sharp and throbbing, dull and aching or burning
  • Bladder or bowel dysfunctionalities
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain which radiates in the arms and legs
  • Uneven appearance such as one shoulder being higher than the other
  • Weakness, numbness or constant tingling in the limbs

How do I get diagnosed?

Spinal issues are common, so diagnosis shouldn’t be hard to get. You could set up an appointment with a Doctor de columna en Fort Lauderdale who would better be able to point out the issue and the necessary steps that may need to be taken; these steps may be as follow –

  • Physical exam
  • Discussions of genetically transferred disorders and family history
  • Neuro examinations.

Spinal issues are issues that need to be tackled with an utmost sense of urgency. These issues can manifest into larger problems that may lead a person to become immobile or hinder getting around.

In addition to various pains that may ruin a person’s peace of mind and limit their functionality, the spine is one of the foremost joints that hold the upper bodily structure together. If you feel you have a spinal issue, please get in touch with a doctor and get treated today.