What makes Coolsculpting so popular is not a simple answer. While the treatment has made a large name for itself and is among the most popular cosmetic body contouring treatments out there, this is more than a simple trend. It is a new way that we can control our body and its appearance.

Body enhancing and contouring treatments have been around for quite a long time, but a lot of them share one common feature and that is damage or harm. This is done to your body as in order to make changes some amount of harm needs to be done. However, the performance of Coolsculpting New York, LA, and other cities with veteran practitioners will tell you, varies greatly from all the other ones.

Which now begs the question: how did Coolsculpting become such a trend and how is it helping countless clients all over the world contour their body into the exact shape and form that they want? For such a long-winded question, SkinGenity, an NYC-based cosmetic center has provided a very layered answer.

Less Damage to the Body

Going back to harming the body to bring it into shape; Coolsculpting works around this concept. While this does not mean that other fat reduction treatments are any less useful or effective. Absolutely not: they are very much effective in their own right and deserve their place in cosmetic centers across the world.

But one of the biggest advantages of getting treated with Coolsculpting as opposed to the other types of fat reduction treatments is because of how it is a non-invasive treatment. Most treatments, cosmetic or otherwise, will do damage to the body in some form or another, be it a tiny incision, a few injections, or stitches.

Coolsculpting functions entirely on the outside of the skin and does not pierce or harm a single skin cell. The only thing it does harm are the fat cells inside your body, and even then the damage is not done directly by the treatment itself.

The Clever Workaround

Your body has naturally accumulated pockets of body fat. These are completely normal and do not in any way indicate that you’re out of shape. In fact, the presence of body fat can be just as attractive as its absence. It’s when fat becomes a physical and mental problem is when Coolsculpting is needed.

But first, we should understand how Coolsculpting works and what is this magical method practitioners keep calling “fat freezing”. The name is not a euphemism for anything, nor is it code. The treatment does exactly what its name implies; Coolsculpting freezes the fat in the body, causing it to go into apoptosis.

Apoptosis is cell suicide. This is not a blunt way of putting it, as it is how the process is described in the academic world. When a cell gets damaged beyond repair, it must be evicted by the body. One of the ways to stimulate the cell into apoptosis is by exposing it to cold temperatures. This is why there are such things as cold saunas, which trim away excess fat through cold, as opposed to the traditional heated spas.

In Coolsculpting, this is accomplished by putting special applicators on treated areas of the body. These applicators have a metal pad on them, which goes down in temperature to -11 degrees Celsius, which is a chilling 12 degrees Fahrenheit. This is way colder than what most people will find comfortable, but it is not dangerous or painful. In fact, within the first 10 minutes, the treated area goes numb from the cold and you won’t feel a thing from that point on. No anesthetic is required.

By exposing the fat cells to 40 to 50 minutes of these cold temperatures, they enter apoptosis and begin to slowly die out. As they do, the body naturally disposes of them and the area becomes slimmer and more sculpted. This happens over a span of a few months, but with the gradual changes, you will be able to see just how much of a difference the treatment can make.

The Real Accomplishment of Coolsculpting

Fat is a lot more than a double chin and an extra stomach roll; there is a lot more to it than that. Having excess body fat can impact you in negative ways, no matter how good you feel about yourself, both physically and mentally.

Let’s take the physical downsides of having excess fat in certain places. Sure it may look attractive at first to have thicker thighs, but once you start to get bothered by the two inner sides rubbing against each other and causing a rash, that extra fat all of a sudden is there to your detriment. What about mental: imagine seeing a double chin in every photo, be it a group shot, selfie, your driver’s license. Sure, it’s not a big deal to the countless people out there who have double chins, but what about the people that don’t want to have them.

Many people out there find it very difficult to look in the mirror and see a double chin or fatty arms, wide hips, a big belly. Unfortunately, whether because of internal reasons or ones beyond their control, these people may not have the time, energy, or resources to dedicate to the gym, regular fitness programs, and strict diets.

This is where Coolsculpting presents its much-needed shortcut. With only a few sessions of Coolsculpting as well as 4 to 6 months of patience, you can regain full control over how your body looks by reducing the fat in certain areas. This isn’t a sales pitch as this is exactly what the treatment does. These are mere facts of its accomplishments.

Without damaging a single skin cell it is now possible to get rid of fat in unwanted places and help sculpt the body. If that is not an accomplishment to cheer for, then what is?