Comedy events have never disappointed a soul. We all love to laugh and make others laugh. If you have a tough time, what’s better than forgetting the stress for a while and laughing out loud with your loved ones? But you don’t get humor everywhere. Thankfully, some of the gems like Tina Fey, Aidy Bryant bring tears to our eyes by making us laugh. Did you know these artists started their careers in Chicago? The place is the home to many such artists and significant comedy events. On your visit, you can laugh it out at some of the most notable comedy events in Chicago. Some of the best comedy clubs hosting standups, improv, sketch acts, and more comedians. You can spot your favorite artists in front of your eyes in these events. 

Blue What Some of the Best Places Where You Can Enjoy Popular Comedy Events. 

  1. The Annoyance Theatre

The theatre was started by a group of friends randomly when they talked about the absurdities of gory slasher flicks over dinner. A month later, the group put a parody show on stage with complete buckets of fake blood with many stage effects. They did not know that this show would later turn into a famous theater company. The company provides acting classes for aspiring actors and simultaneously entertains Chicagoans with their comedy. If you are in Chicago and want to spend your night at a popular comedy event near you, do not miss to visit The Annoyance Theatre. 

  1. iO

You can enjoy great laughter, and the sound of laughter occurs around you at this iconic theatre. The theatre relocated and Lincoln Park from Wrigleyville in 2014. The new theatre features a bar and outdoor gathering space where you can chit chat with performers and fellow comedy lovers. The theatre welcomes big names like TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi. You can enjoy some of the big Chicago comedy events here; the opportunities are now even more prominent due to the larger space. 

  1. Laugh Factory

Laugh Factory has been making people laugh out loud since 2012. It refurbished the former Lakeshore theatre space, and since then, it has been the central focus of Chicago comedy events. The theatre features lineups of regional comedians regularly. 

The club also hosts a top-notch open mic every Wednesday of the week. There is also an occasional touring headliner. If you are in Chicago and have a funny bone, you must visit the venue to see their on-the-top comedy events. 

  1. Playground theater

It is a tiny non profit theatre in Boystown. Teams like green comedians and teams from local colleges practice improv. At the same time, you can enjoy standup workshops from professional comedians. The shows at this theater merely cost five bucks or so, and they are always BYOB. 

  1. UP Comedy Club

UP Comedy Club is a well-known venue that combines performances from famous tourist comedians and archival sketch collections performed by Second City-trained stage vets. The cozy club facilitates 285 seats and also features a full-service kitchen bar. For a full night fun Chicago event near you, this club is the right choice. 

  1. Second City

Second City has served as the face of Chicago comedy events for more than 50 years. The club has launched many famous names like Bill Murray, John Belushi, and Stephen Colbert. The theatre gives a stage to aspiring comedians, and you can see their developing improv skills. Its performances are one of the few comedy events in Chicago that feature stars of tomorrow. You must give it a visit.