If you are searching for a digital piano lesson, the chances are that you might have scrolled to Pianoforall. The pianoforall review is a prominent online piano course that employs a chord-based approach, which means you play first and then proceed for queries.

This will make you feel like a pro from the first day itself. The creator of this course, Robin Hall, stated that this course is different from others. It teaches users to play piano by unifying hearing senses, devise, create new compositions, and then read piano sheet music.

Here is a detailed guide on the course. Let’s have a look at the possible pros and cons to help you decide whether or not, it is worth your time.

What is Pianoforall review?

It is a step-by-step strategy that helps people to learn and build a solid foundation of tunes and chords while proceeding from playing by ear to reading music scripts.

For Mac or PC users, installing Adobe reader and Flash player will allow you to watch the videos and hear the audio tracks included in the ebook. People with iPad and iPhones will need the readable document app to go through the curriculum. To play piano, android users must pay a dollar bill to install the EZPDF reader lite app to go through the course material.

What is included in the Pianoforall review?

While googling ‘Piano for beginners,’ you may have come across thousands of online piano courses. But pianoforall stands out from the rest because just with a one-time purchase fee, you will get,

  • Nine ebooks and a bonus book- These e-books are comprehensive guides for different piano music styles, exercises, and tunes. It offers enough theory for each lesson, and it is advised to read the e-books in order.
  • Around 500 audio exercises and tunes- These help learners understand what chords to use, and hearing the music before playing makes the learning process easy.
  • Over 200 video tutorials- These video tutorials by Robin Hall reinforce mastery with explained keyboard demonstration. He plays a specific note on the keyboard down there, and the animated or digital keyboard shows the keys he is playing. It helps students understand what to play and learn quickly.

Pros and Cons of Pianoforall review

Is pianoforall scam a real thing? Many people have addressed their concern regarding if this online piano teaching platform is a hoax and not worth a shot. To clear this illusion, here is the list of pros and cons.


a.     Offers auditory and visual lessons

Unlike traditional ebooks and printed curriculum, pianoforall offers audio and video lessons to learn the basics. It is best for beginners who don’t know how to read music notes. The learning curve is shallow with auditory and visual lessons, and students easily adapt to new lessons.

b.     Starts the tutoring with playing

As you start with playing the piano, you will gain confidence from the beginning, which will help you understand the notes and create music.

c.      Employs well-known music

Not only do the auditory lessons make it easy to play, but you will also enjoy playing tunes that are popular and well-known.

d.     Compels you to use your left hand more

Beginners in the traditional approach are accustomed to playing the notes with the right hand. But when the pieces get more complex, the use of left eventually increases. With pianoforall you don’t have to practice left-hand parts later, as it encourages the practice more with the left hand instead of the right one.

e.     Details are easy to comprehend

Traditional curriculum lacks clear and concise lessons, but pianoforall offers well-organized and visually pleasing content to learn.


a.     Little to no focus on technique

Traditional piano tutors teach a lot of things apart from playing the keyboard. They constantly remind their students of their posture, hand position, and body movements. This indeed lacks in online piano courses.

b.     Dismissed many piano key terms and notations

The amount of key terms and notation used in the course is adequate for beginners. Students can play by ear and then improvise, but students who want to learn more can get perplexed by strange markings.  If you want to go beyond the beginner guide, couple the course with material that teaches all the necessary notations and terms of a piano.  


According to each small lesson, the pianoforall review is planned to move you from one potential skill to another without causing pressure. This program employs varieties of musical notes and keyboard diagrams with multimedia clipping to emphasize each point.

All the best with a wonderful learning journey ahead!