Stripping out a screw is among the most frustrating things that can happen to anybody the world over. Once stripped out, getting a screw out is nearly impossible, and like with Kevlar scissors for their own purpose, you will need a tool for the purpose of removing a stripped screw.


Not stripping it in the first place is the best way for getting a stripped screw out! You need to understand how they become stripped to do this. Once you understand how people get screws stripped you can successfully avoid stripping one yourself. Here are the top reasons why individuals strip screws so you can find a way of avoiding them.


Insufficient pressure


Applying insufficient pressure is one among the greatest mistakes people make when removing screws. You must push down harder than you normally do on the screw. If you apply insufficient pressure, then you will surely slip a lot of times and eventually strip the screw out. Nevertheless, you must be careful in relation to how hard you push down as it can be truly damaging and bring you much closer to ending with a stripped screw if, you slip it while pushing down hard. The key is to sufficiently push down that you won’t slip easily and turn slowly to prevent any possible slipping.



Wrong screwdriver size


Another wrong doing of individuals is simply using the wrong screwdriver size. Using an ill-fitting screwdriver is a sure-fire way of stripping a screw. You never use any wrench that’s different in size than the bolt you intend to remove and it should be same for screws. Removing them is not like cutting wires that you can just do with any Kevlar scissors. It’s recommended that you purchase and keep varying screwdriver sizes on hand. Whenever the need to remove a screw arises, you should first look at it very well, test out varying screwdriver sizes, then decide the one that is the option which best suits the job you are about to do. Screws as you know are never a deal that can be said to be a one size fits all. By making sure that the screwdriver you are using at any time is the correct size, then, you will certainly lower the risk of substantially stripping screws.


Over tightening


Another reason and probably the last one, why lots of screws normally end up becoming stripped is, because, they end up truly over tightened. What happens to be the most obvious part of the whole of this when you tighten any screw to be too tight, is that you are very likely to slip a great deal, and screws are normally stripped by slipping. The less obvious side of it is when you go to loosen such screws that have been over tightened. You are a lot more likely to strip a screw that has been over tightened whenever you try loosening it. However, if you happen to accidentally over tighten a screw, there is still hope for you. Just apply some excellent pressure, advance slowly, and re-think the strategy you are using if you begin to slip.


The type of screw that comes with a tri-wing head is one of those that easily get stripped. Therefore, you should never take it like simple wires that can be cut with Kevlar cutting scissors. You will certainly need a screw extraction tool in such instances.