Call centre agents learn many things during call centre training in Australia. Dead air moments are moments of silence during a call that last for long.  There are many causes of dead air moments. Dead air moments are bad for your business and you need to train your call centre agents on the following things to avoid them.


Small talk


Teach your agents to create some rapport with the customers. They can ask the customers about the weather or just converse on familiar topics as they get more information on the inquired matters. It is, however, important to remind them to keep understanding the customer. Some customers won’t listen to anything else other than a solution to their problem.


Do thorough research


Agents should do research to get more information on the issue the customer raised. This will help the agents to get insights about the client and help them better.


Incentives, promotions, and up-selling opportunities


A call centre training company should train call centre agents to gain the waiting time by informing the customer about incentives, promotions or up-sell products. They should make sure that it is something that really matters to the customer otherwise the customer may get pissed off.


Let the customer relax


Sometimes the customer may want the silence. Agents should always inform the customer that they are in the process of finding a solution to their problem and that they can interrupt if they have something to ask. This can allow the customer to work on something else as they wait for a solution.


During call centre training Australia, agents should be well trained and equipped with the necessary information to avoid dead talks. Managers should also ensure that the equipment is in a good working condition and make the calling equipment simpler for the agents to use. Read More: