While the COVID-19 pandemic continues it’s important that you wear masks when you’re going to be in close contact with strangers. As an adult, you know that wearing a mask isn’t difficult, but getting a child to wear a mask is a whole different ball game. 

Some children adapt well to wearing face masks, but because they don’t understand their importance, they may have a hard time committing to keeping them on. Other children throw fits any time they see the masks, and they may be further put off by disposable face masks that can be itchy. 

Keep reading for our top tips for getting your child to wear their mask (and keep it on). 

Lead by Example

Children tend to mimic their parents. If they see you or another adult (or even an older sibling) wearing a mask, they may be more likely to try to wear a mask themselves. 

Even if you’ve already received your vaccine, if you wear a mask while you’re around your child, they’ll be quick to adapt to it. 

Make a show of putting your mask on when you get out of your car to go into the crowded location. They may even learn to put the masks on by themselves without you having to tell them to do so. 

Try to Explain

Children may resist facemasks because they don’t understand why they have to wear them. If your child doesn’t remember a life without masks, this won’t be a problem. If they’re old enough to remember going out without them, though, they’ll be more resistant. 

Explaining COVID-19 to children is difficult. You don’t want them to panic, but you do want them to understand why life is so different right now. 

There are plenty of educational resources for children that can help to explain the pandemic in ways that they can understand. Take advantage of these. 

Ask your child what they know about the pandemic so you can correct bad information and replace it with facts. You don’t have to go into detail. Make sure to let them know that masks help to keep them and the people around them safe and don’t be afraid to answer questions. 

Here are some helpful resources for parents and children alike. 

Make it Fun 

Let’s face it: most of the time, disposable facemasks aren’t cute. Why not buy a disposable face mask that your child may want to wear? If your child can recognize fun designs and characters, won’t they be more willing to put on a mask?

At sites like primodentalproducts.com, you can find disposable face masks with a design that your child will enjoy. 

There are masks with fun colors and even disposable Disney facemasks with your child’s favorite characters. When masks are cute, your child may be more willing to wear them. 

Encourage Your Child to Wear Disposable Face Masks

Getting a child to wear disposable face masks doesn’t have to be hard. If you make it fun, lead by example, and explain to them why they have to wear the masks in the first place, your child will be more willing. Some kids won’t even want to take them off!

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