The world is continuously threatened by the coronavirus ever since its outbreak. About one and a half years has passed already and there’s no end in sight to this terror. Before it was one kind of virus, but due to genetic mutations, now there are several variants of this virus. The situation is going from bad to worse even with the presence of vaccines.

How to Move Safely During the Covid-19

The present condition urges the WHO to consider the WHO’s initial assessment and recommendations because the only way to stay safe is to be cautious. If you are hiring house moving service and wondering how to move safely during COVID-19, then highfive list has prepared the following points that you might want to read with great attention.

1- Wear a mask

When coronavirus hit the world and caused the catastrophe, the WHO discovered that the dangerous thing about this virus is its rate of spread. An affected person can easily affect others simply by breathing and touching. This virus can enter the human body from the mouth and nose quite easily.

That’s where the surgical mask comes in because it can cover the mouth and nose perfectly and keep you safe as you move among affected people. So, if you are moving out, then it means you’d be exposed, and wearing a mask is an excellent way to keep yourself safe.

2- Get vaccinated

Initially, the world didn’t know how to react to the threat because coronavirus is something that the world has never seen before. The researchers were activated around the globe to find the truth behind it and discover a way to eliminate it.

The researchers anticipated that it would take about two years to prepare a vaccine that would help to fight the danger. However, the vaccine was prepared within a year, but there’s a limit to its effectiveness.

Still, it is an excellent idea to get vaccinated and protect yourself along with your family as you move out. The best part is that most of the world population would get the vaccine for free.

3- Sanitize the vehicle

While you are preparing your body to fight against the virus and taking other measures as well, it is also important to secure your working area. If you can’t stay at home and your work demands you to go out, then you are at risk. You must take precautionary measures to protect yourself and others.

That’s why a mover is no different and the vehicle must be sanitized frequently to ensure a safe working environment. It doesn’t take much time to sanitize the vehicle but you’d be at peace during the trip. If necessary, you can do it multiple times during the day.

4- Use sanitizer for the cleanup

The initial research states that the virus can be killed if you wash your hands for about twenty minutes. That may be true but not everyone washes hands the same way and for some, it is an irritating thing to wash hands over and over. Don’t worry though, because there’s still a way to keep your hands clean.

The use of sanitizer can effectively eliminate the virus from the hands. However, there’s a limitation to it because it is a relatively expensive product and that’s why it can’t be used on full body. Regardless of the limitation, it is still an effective way to protect yourself as you move out.

5- Keep distance

Social distancing is one of the initially recommended SOPs by the world health organization (WHO). It is quite obvious that the virus can’t travel without the host and if people stay away from each other, it’ll not transmit. The prescribed safe distance is about six feet, but sometimes it is quite impossible to maintain such distance, especially for a mover.

Well, if the driver is alone in the cabin, it is super safe because there’s no one else. Other crew members can stay in a container at the back to ensure a hundred percent safety as you move out.

6- Sanitize your stuff

If you are moving out, you’d never know how and when the virus will hit you, but you can take steps to avoid danger no matter how exposed you are. The virus can stay alive on any kind of surface for some time. Scientists claim that the life expectancy of this virus can change based on material.

In any case, if your belongings were exposed, then they must be sanitized before you can touch them again. It is not difficult these days to sanitize stuff because all you need is a virus-killing agent filled in a spraying bottle. Just sprinkle it well and leave your stuff for some time before touching it.

The situation isn’t improving as much as was expected by the authorities. Even with the presence of vaccines, the threat is still out there and the vaccine only reduces your chances to get affected. Which means you can’t drop your guard when moving out. That’s why follow the SOP closely to keep yourself safe.