What is the secret of a successful fashion photography shoot? The answer is elaborate planning in advance. As a fashion photographer, you are responsible for this planning and working with the team on site. Besides people, you should ensure you have the correct lights, equipment, and camera gear to ensure everything goes perfectly.

Bruce Weber photographer tips on planning the successful photoshoot

Bruce Weber is an ace photographer from the USA, and he is famous for his iconic photographs of the male body taken in the 1980s. Born on the 29th of March, 1946, in Greensburg in Pennsylvania, he shot into fame as a commercial photographer. Besides fashion photography, he has studied theatre at the University of Ohio and spent most of his time in Paris.

He studied at the NYU film school, where he became friends with Diane Arbus. He was later introduced to the ace European photographer and Diane Arbus’s teacher Lisette Model. In the middle of the 1970s, he began to make a name and reputation for himself as a leading art photographer in America. Today the Bruce Weber photographer collection is displayed at major art galleries across Europe and the USA.

Experiment and explore lights before a photoshoot

As a newcomer to fashion photography, you should know how to make your fashion shoots successful. After all, you need to establish your presence in the industry and know the difference between a good and a great fashion shoot. You must study all the techniques for portrait lighting to get the creativity and inspiration you need for your indoor shots. When it comes to investing in the right lights, you do not have to spend a lot of money. You can go in for V flats or strobe lights. If you get hold of a studio for taking your photographs, you get many lights to experiment and play with for your shoots.

Camera settings for the fashion shoot

The settings of your camera should be in order. Fashion photography is different from fine art photography or portrait photography, where you do not have much room for artistically deploying the focus. It is prudent for you to know your camera well and tweak its settings so that the picture you capture is sharp and the subject is in focus. Keep the camera aperture low while you are taking pictures.

Take trial shots to check the lights and image quality before you begin

Ensure you take some test shots before your models come in. The lights and the set should be checked. You can also take some trial shots and make changes as and when needed. These shots will help you determine whether the shoot’s camera settings are set in the ideal mode.

Another salient tip from Bruce Weber photographer is that you should step out from behind the camera to check on the model to ensure the clothes, make-up, and hair are in place. This ensures you do not have to waste time editing the pictures once the photoshoot is over.