Addiction is a process. You can’t avoid the addiction process by simply trying to avoid the substance you are addicted to. Just as you wouldn’t try to cure pneumonia by preventing exposure to dust, you can’t cure Addiction by avoiding exposure to alcohol or other drugs. As with any process, it has stages. So let’s discuss different stages of Addiction.

Stages of Addiction


The use of addictive drugs develops through a series of stages. Experimentation is the first stage of Addiction, the simplest phase involving the physical act of using the drug. It can be hard to resist an offer to use, especially if it comes from someone you know and trust. However, by using them, you risk opening the door to Addiction yourself.

A chemical or biological switch is triggered, and the brain appears to seek out and over-consume the substance, leading to chemical dependence and Addiction. As a result, the person finds themselves committed to a downward cycle of drug use and getting high, which persists throughout their daily lives. This Addiction can cause serious personal and social problems, as well as death if left untreated.

Regular use and Abuse

In The Reuse and Abuse stage of Addiction, the user becomes accustomed to the way that addictive drug makes them feel. The intensity of the high declines, becoming more familiar and less dramatic, but users still feel reliant upon it for a sense of comfort and well-being. In this stage, a person has a physical tolerance to the drug and may begin using more or multiple drugs in combination to recreate earlier feelings.


As the ordinary use progresses, both physical and mental reliance on the drug is made. The frontal cortex stops conveying fabricated materials regularly and instead depends on the substance to coordinate the rule. The body can stop working consistently, achieving a more noteworthy measure of the drug to recover homeostasis. Intellectually, the customer may start finding that reasonable conditions beforehand have become horrible while quiet.

As time goes on, the ability to bear the drug transforms into an issue. The psyche requires a greater amount of the substance progressively to procure a sensation of standard limit. After individuals have cultivated flexibility to the particular drug, they will see that more grounded, or more customary, segments are relied upon to get the easing that is being searched for.


Many detoxification and rehab centers work for the addicted to help them to live a sober life. They offer the following treatments;