A lot of people out there have an opinion about the way you treat your hair. Everyone has different recipes for hair masks up their sleeves, some prescribe oiling your hair before washing and some believe in washing the mane without any fuss. However, the biggest debate revolves around whether or not you can wash your hair everyday of the week.


Some people believe that you would be crazy to not wash your hair everyday of the week and that not scrubbing your  hair will lead to oily, flat and limp hair that will make your hair look extremely unattractive. However, a lot of people think that if you wash your hair everyday, you have a death wish. It’s believed that washing your hair everyday is very harmful because of the amount of chemicals that accumulate and destroy the hair follicles collectively. This group believes in allowing the hair to rest for a couple of days before you go about washing your hair.


How will you get to know which group should you go with? The answer is not so simple. Every hair type and scalp is different, and there are different ways to take care of your hair.


To determine if you should or should not wash your hair on a daily basis, read on.

1.  Identify your hair type. See whether you have an oily scalp, dry scalp or a mixture of both. If your scalp is dry most of the time, you needn’t shower your hair everyday. However an oily scalp requires shampooing on an everyday basis. It would be ideal to use the world’s best dandruff shampoo to clean an oily scalp.

  1. See how your hair looks like in the morning before you leave for work and how it looks like when you finally come back home. This will help you to understand if you can stay for a long period of time without shampooing and scrubbing your hair.
  2. Now it’s time to get a little dirty. Stay without washing your hair for a period of 3 days and go about your daily lifestyle. This will give you an idea of what your hair really needs. Once you’re done with this experiment, you’ll understand better if your hair requires a wash everyday.

How to keep your clean everyday without a shampoo?

Always remember that taking care of your hair is not easy. Your hair is  a hotbed of sweat, oil, sebum, dirt and a lot of other things that collects on both your hair and body. To keep yourself hygienic and  clean everyday you need to start using cleaning solutions which don’t contain chemicals that take out the natural conditioners already present  in your hair. Things like hair tonic, ketomac shampoo, dry shampoos and a number of other solutions are designed specifically for people who don’t like going through the shampoo and conditioner routine everyday. You must try them to see if they suit your hair. If they do, you can finally stop with the hair washing  routine everyday.