Vaping is safe. It is considered the best alternative to the traditional smoking habit. Many people often choose to vape instead of smoking. Smoking is never appreciated in social groups, but vape may not have many restrictions. You can find technologically advanced devices.

You have all possible options to enjoy this activity. You can search for portable type Storz & Bickel devices. Quality grade vape devices and kits can be purchased online and offline. If you are using portable devices, you benefit in more than one way

Convenient and permanent

The first advantage of using portable vape kits is that they offer a permanent solution. These devices can be enjoyed for longer periods. Portable devices are more convenient. If you are used to vape very often, then portable types are more comfortable.

Smokers have the benefit of using these devices to vape dry herbs and liquids. You do not have many restrictions as well when using portable devices.


Tabletop devices may always produce excess vapour. For many smokers, this may never be a healthier option. You will have to inhale the excess vapour. This means that you are also inhaling more toxins with a single drag.

With portable devices, you do not have these issues. You can regulate the level of vapour produced. Portable devices will produce less vapour. This is safe for your health. You also get to enjoy the real taste of the dry herb and e-liquid.

You can smoke where smoking is prohibited

In many public places, smoking may not be allowed. If you are using tabletop devices, you may not be able to smoke in these areas. Cigarettes are certainly not allowed in any public area. But this restriction you do not have when using portable vape kits.

The devices are much smaller in size. You can carry it with you in your pocket. You can also vape at any time. You just have to find a safe spot where you can vape. The device is sleek and smaller so it is more convenient to use.

Flavours and taste

When using a portable device, you can vape any flavour. There are hundreds of choices. You also get to enjoy your preferred taste. Portable devices will never overheat. This means that you will only enjoy the real flavour of the herb or e-liquid.

You do not have to worry about the burnt flavour that is very much common when using tabletop devices. This is one of the reasons why people often look around for portable devices.

Easy maintenance

If the device is smaller in size, it is also easy to clean. Portable devices do not have a very complex body structure. It may only have two or three compartments. You can open up the vape tank and remove the battery unit.

This makes it easy to clean and maintain the device as well. If you want to vape safely then you should go with portable devices.