Just like other countries, the best quality wine is also found in Thailand. Thailand has become home to vineyards. The quality of wine in Thailand has improved over the years. Choosing the best wine in Thailand is subjective. Everyone has different likes, dislikes, and taste buds. In short, everyone has different wine preferences. Its acidity, sweetness, the percentage of alcohol used, etc.

Thailand has some great quality wine bottles available. Due to the variety of wines available, people often get used to which wine to buy and which is of the best quality. If you are looking for the best wine in Thailand, you can follow the following points to spot the best wine with the best alcohol level:

Importance of Back Label

The great marketing tool that wine manufacturers use is creating an attractive front label that will seek the attention of the customer and make them buy the wine compulsively. Similarly, In Thailand, all wine bottles are packed with enticing front labels. Nonetheless, back labels are attached as well with full details so that one can spot the best of the best wine available in Thailand by reading the sensory characteristics.

The importance of reading the back label cannot be emphasized enough. Hence, it is important to always look for the back label and read it thoroughly.

Price of the Wine

Never go low on price when buying a good wine in Thailand. If some certain wine is on sale at a low price and you think of buying it, don’t. Never compromise on wine quality. This point doesn’t mean that an expensive wine will be of the best quality. Prices can never dictate the quality of the wine. It is you who must check for the quality of the wine. And it also depends on your drink style and taste. I’d recommend you to use the term ราคาไวน์ to check on the price of wine in Thailand.

Variety of the Grape 

Always look for the variety of the grape that is used in the bottle of the wine. Check if a single grape is used as some producers use a different blend of grapes as well. Grape indicates the region.

Vintage or Not Vintage  

Vintage is important because weather varies from year to year as it is constantly changing.

Information of the vintage depicts the year in which the bottle of wine and the grapes were invested. Wine from the good year, the season it was invested in is the best of the wines that you will get. The age of the bottle will tell you how old or new the bottle is because the quality varies with the age as well of the wine.

Is the Color of Wine Suitable for You?  

Look at the color of the wine if it matches your intentions and looks right to you. The color of the wine can tell you a lot about the quality of the wine. In short, color speaks volumes of quality. If wine displays a dark color, it is most probably not suitable for consumption.

Tip: look at the color of the wine against a white wall to see the hues of the color clearly

Stamp Approval  

Check the stamp approval as it gives you an insight into the Authentication of wine

Reading Reviews  

When buying the best wine in Thailand, one can go through the reviews of that certain wine to know more about the wine and its quality.

The Flavor of Your Taste  

Reflect on the flavors of your preferences because everyone has a different taste and priority. Hence, even if the reviews are good, it’s always important to see if the flavor is of your taste.

Opt for Recommendations

Even when purchasing the wine, you can always ask for better recommendations and test it out yourself by reading the detailed labels

Smell Sensation

The most important sense for checking wine is the smell. Use your smell sensation to test the smell as it will give you a clue of the ingredients and the taste

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