Contracting a professional stylist for home styling Sydney can save you a lot of money and time. Great stylists have more qualities that you never thought of. Here are some of the top features of a successful stylist.


A creative stylist can walk into a dirty house that is poorly maintained and come up with some of the most amazing ideas for improving the appearance of the house. A creative stylist should be able to empty a full house mentally and fill it again to improve its value. He should be able to come up with a variety of ideas for clients to choose from.

There are times when a property stylist is required to think laterally. If a particular sofa doesn’t fit up the stairs, he should be able to come up with a new arrangement. The property stylist should also be flexible. He should be able to target different types of clients and win their hearts. High-level creativity involves the stylist working with the available resources to come up with something unique and attractive.

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Management skills

Being good at property staging doesn’t make one a great property stylist. A great stylist should also be a good manager. If you have a company then you should be able to manage the company and coordinate your employees. You should be able to manage the money to keep the company running. A good styling company Sydney should be able to attract new clients before it helps their clients attract new customers. Make sure you work with a company that can manage itself.


A successful styling company should be always updated. The company has to research trending styling ideas in different places. Home styling is like fashion. What will work today may not work tomorrow. A good company should always know what works today. They should, therefore, have resources and contacts to get the right information. For example, a good home stylist should know a couple of real estate agents because the agents are well informed in the real estate industry and they know what the customers want. Property stylists should work with other parties to ensure quality services.

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Partnering with other organizations in the real estate industry is very important for any property stylist. They should partner with furniture suppliers, real estate agents, banks and many other parties that can be helpful in times of need. For instance, banks can provide loans to the stylist when they have to complete staging a house to be paid. On the other hand, furniture suppliers can provide furniture in case the stager wants to hire high-quality furniture for staging.


Home styling Sydney requires a lot of stamina. Selecting the right furniture for a house can take a full day as you have to walk from one furniture store to the next. It is also important for a stager to have emotional stamina. When running your business, you encounter setbacks. You encounter agents who hate your work or simply hate you. You must be resilient to survive.  Read More: