Presently, you will certainly get lots of amazing extra features when you visit any of the foremost theaters that show movies in Newport Beach. Every time you go out to watch a movie, either as a whole family, with just your partner, or on your own, you always get the privilege of getting options that work within your budget, your desire for not travelling too far before getting a nice night out, and your exact taste in movies. There’s always, though, that particular option that gives you a bit more bang for your money, and probably when you wish to stretch your budget a bit further. Paying less for more always remains a winning combination.


In the past

There was a time once when getting an option that met all of your needs and requirements was quite challenging. Actually, the whole movie industry began to actually feel the sting of losing clients to online streaming services and other kinds of entertainment. The actual indictment then came when former clients were asked for the reasons they stopped going to theaters to watch movies. Several among them felt that they were always being under-estimated as paying clients. Being the truly smart clients that they were, they looked elsewhere for their entertainment.


Extra options

The foremost theaters then responded by offering a lot more options to their clients so they can feel extra special. There’s a Newport Beach movie theater that serves beer. Yes! That’s correct – beer! In addition to being quite thrilling, this actually enables you to see an onsite brewery actually doing its thing just by going to the lobby. Is that not a truly wild thing? You no more have to settle for just a soda.


In addition, the whole idea of movie food is available in most foremost theaters. Formerly, you only dealt with popcorn and candy, but presently, you have real kitchen staff producing some of the most amazing meals you have ever seen and tasted. We are talking about gourmet burgers, salads and wraps, pizzas, and some amazingly cool twists to all of your old favorites. As if it could not get any more amazing; you can be served food and drinks while you are watching a movie in these theaters.


Little other ways

Ultimately, these are the little ways the theaters have used to outdo themselves in attempting to give you the best welcome possible. If you get a night on your own, you have lots of excellent meal and drinks options to choose from. Although you might wish that it be more frequently, you can enjoy an excellent night out with your wife. It means you can have just an excellent meal and adult beverage you did not have to prepare as an excellent alternative or even include a movie you’ve both been eager to see. You also have no worries if you need to get the kids out of the house as the topnotch menu items work for all age groups.


So, you always get something extra – peace of mind – when you visit the foremost theaters that show movies in Newport Beach nowadays. You just try them and see.