We know what you’re thinking right now. With Korean skincare products flooding the market, you might be skeptical about the hype created and the results to expect. Most of us have felt the same way, but after using these products it is safe to say that, Korean brands are showing great results and are definitely here to stay.

Why do we say this? The reason is their top-quality products and great packaging. Koreans really have a knack for using some of the most unheard yet most effective ingredients in their skincare products like snail mucin and these products are created after years of research into the benefits. Now comes the question that there are so many Korean brands in the market and which one should you pick for your skincare routine. Well! You will find your answers if you keep reading along because we have listed some of the top Korean skincare brands in this article which will make your investment in them worth your while!

Mid Range Beauty Brand IOPE

Iope is one of the many brands that come under the K-beauty giant Aritaum. It has a great skincare collection but is most suitable for middle-aged women with older skin because of the dominance of products in that direction. All their ingredients are naturally derived and it is known to be way ahead in plant sciences. Their products are chemical-free and just the perfect blend for those who wish to take care pf their skin by using chemical-free products.

The Quite Popular Goodal

This is a great option for those who wish to buy Korean skincare that is pocket friendly. They have some of the best skincare products packed with powerhouse ingredients. Customer reviews show that the products are quite effective and come in adorable packaging.

Pocket Friendly and Effective Products: COSRX

No fancy stuff but great results! This brand sells mostly online to keep costs low and their products come at very pocket-friendly rates but that’s not what made people go crazy about them. The fact that these products produced visible and great results created hype in the market, especially their AHA and BHA products. It is safe to say that this is a good brand to buy from.

King of Natural Ingredients: Skinfood

This is a rather unique brand when it comes to its marketing. They believe that food is at the base of everything. The fact that we like most about it is that it uses ethically produced food from all around the world to create its products. They are 100% natural and paraben free. They use ingredients like lemon, honey, green juices, and fruits to make their products and they come with promising results.

The Brand For Fashionistas: Missha

The brand is widely known for catering to young women and the reviews of its products show that it has a great product line to choose from. You might not find this brand at the top of the Korean Skincare Glossary but you will find their latest sunscreens and BB creams in it for sure. They are winning the hearts of young women and you must give it a try.