It is a tradition to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and many other festivals with our loved ones. And cakes have always been a ritual delicacy to express love and happiness on such occasions. Anyone can convey their love, care, and joy to their friends and family’s accomplishments with a cake. Finding the perfect cake can be an uphill battle with overwhelming cake options. Online bakeries providing cake delivery in Asansol provide a seamless way to search, buy, customise, and arrange delivery of cakes, flowers, and gifts. In this post, we share the best cakes to surprise your loved ones on any occasion. Read on.

Designer cakes

If you are looking for a unique cake that resonates with your loved one, designer cakes are the best option. You can have the cake designed to imitate brands and designs the recipient loves. Some of the trending designer cakes are unicorn, cartoon, and shoe/purse cakes, among others. And you can also personalise the cake flavours and ingredients too!

Jungle themed cakes

Bring out your love and happiness on your loved one with a jungle-themed cake. The cake has a mesmerising appearance that no one can miss on any occasion. Surprise your loved ones on a special occasion with an enormous jungle-themed cake to feed the masses. Some of the amazing trending cake options are the Big 5 cake and Jungle Book.

Vegan cakes

With cakes, everyone has their sweet spot! Surprise your vegetarian loved one with a luscious and well-decorated vegan cake at the ding of their doorbell. You can customise any cake recipe to remove eggs, dairy milk, and other non-vegan ingredients. Surprise your loved ones with black forest, vanilla, tier, and heart-shaped cakes, among others, with eggless options. No one size fits all with cakes – explore different designs and trending ideas on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Assorted cupcakes

If you are looking for the best cake treat – to give your in-laws or share with colleagues at the office, then assorted cupcakes are the right choice. Cupcakes are one of the best delicacies for any occasion. You can have the assorted cupcakes arranged to form a shape for the birthday person’s age and name. Take the surprise to another level and have the cakes assorted with all cake flavours like Kit Kat, Oreo, chocolate, fruitcake, and vanilla, among others.

Pinata cakes

Pinata cakes have been around for quite some time, making appearances on birthdays. But, like any other cake, pinata cakes suit many occasions. Give your loved one a surprise in a surprise with the pinate cakes on occasions like anniversaries and graduation party. Conceal small gifts like a wedding ring, keys, and jewellery on the cake. You can also have the pinata crust moulded with dark chocolate.

Jar cakes

Keeping a cake can be a challenge as one will have to clear a space in the fridge. It is also a task to store a cake slice in the backpack. Give your loved ones a peace of mind and surprise them with jar cakes. Suppose you wish to surprise your loved one with six jar cakes – add different cake flavours like with assorted cupcakes. Your loved one will enjoy the surprise and share it with friends and family. The jars are also re-usable. You will always be in the hearts and minds of your loved ones.

Half cakes

Sometimes one is forced to consider the number of people who will eat the cake and then resort to other gifts. Do not miss the opportunity to stun your loved ones with a cake on their special day with half cakes. So, are you looking for a cake to surprise your loved one – who stays alone miles away? Your search ends on half cakes! You can have the empty half of the cake decorated with a message, sweets, chocolates, and smaller gifts. Check out creative and trending half cake ideas on social media platforms and ask your trusted bakery for ideas and suggestions.

In Conclusion

The cakes mentioned above will help you find the perfect cake to wow your loved ones on any occasion. Search for the best online bakery that provides delivery to your desired address and convenient time.