Are you constantly on the lookout for new packaging trends? Or is your business in the process of releasing a new product line you really want to stand out? Or maybe you are simply on the hunt for some inspiration? 

No matter what brought you here, we have got you covered. In this article, we will talk you through three of the biggest trends in the labeling industry. 

But before we jump in, let’s take a look at what a label actually is. A term you might be more familiar with is sticker. Stickers and labels are both adhesive-backed pieces of plastic or paper that can be printed on and stuck onto different surfaces. 

However, while stickers are usually individually cut, labels arrive on sheets. This difference is illustrated in the image below. Through the border around labels, they are 65% faster to peel and apply which makes them ideal for your product packaging. 

Now, let’s look at the ways you can keep up with product packaging trend using custom labels! 

1. Go green! 

Sustainability is not only essential to save the environment, it has also become a massive factor when it comes to purchasing decisions. Studies show that a total of 57% buyers base their decisions on whether or not a product is sustainable and eco-friendly (Source) – that is a huge amount. 

Considering the benefits, it seems like a no-brainer to switch to 100% compostable product packaging. You want to make sure that your mailing or address labels as well as your logo stickers are equally compostable. We recommend investing in biodegradable paper labels as these can easily be disposed of with your packaging. 

Using the same material, you can let your customers know that your packaging is in fact totally green. Simply get a round sticker printed and stick it to the inside of your packaging. 

2. Less is more 

When designing labels, it is really easy to go a little wild. However, the old saying is true: less can absolutely be more. Do not be scared of white space, not every inch of your labels has to be filled with text or artwork. In fact, the world’s most successful companies use plenty of white space on their labels. 

Look at the skin care company The Ordinary, which has a net worth of roughly $2.2bn (Source), is a great example of that. The white space on their labels has not only become part of their brand recognition, it also mirrors their brand philosophy: simple, high-quality ingredients without bells and whistles. 

This effect can easily be achieved by using white vinyl labels and letting your product speak for itself. 

3. Make it sparkle 

Now, this can seem incredibly contradictory to the previous point. But let us explain: What we mean by that is choose your material carefully. Many label printing companies offer a great range of effect materials which can work amazingly well with a stripped down logo on a clean surface 

Glitter or holographic vinyl are the most popular materials if you would like to highlight a specific product range or are about to release a limited edition of a customer favorite. We recommend choosing a material that mirrors the features of your product. Are you selling premium wine? A mirror gold beverage label could look amazing and highlight the luxurious edge of your product. Are you looking for a label for your candle jars? Try a holographic material that will mirror the flicker of your candles when it catches the light. 

Get in touch with your label supplier to discuss how to make effect materials work for you and do not be intimidated. The effect can easily be controlled by printing white onto the material. This dilutes the effect and allows for great opaque colors. Just look at the below image, neither the text nor the white elements sparkle, which makes this product packaging even more of an eye-catcher.

Feeling inspired and ready to try these labeling trends? Go for it! Labels are so incredibly cost-effective that you really cannot go wrong and with the right supplier, the entire process can be super easy and fast. Are you already a labeling expert, or are you completely new to the custom labels universe? Either way, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.