Sudoku is a logic based number game. The aim of the game is to completely fill a 9×9 grid in such a way that there each row, column and nine 3×3 subgrids are filled with digits 1 to 9. The only rule which has to be followed is that no same row, column, or nine 3×3 subgrids has the same digit twice.

Types Of Sudoku:

  • Sudoku With Different Grid Size: The most common Sudoku Puzzle is the 9×9 grid puzzle. It is composed of nine 3×3 subgrids. Other than this, there are many other variations of Sudoku available in the market. There are 4×4 grid puzzles with 2×2 regions. A 5×5 grid is also available with pentomino regions and have been published by the name of Logi-5. The World Puzzle Championship has featured a 6×6 grid puzzle having 2×3 regions and also a 7×7 grid puzzle have six heptomino regions. The 7×7 grid puzzle too had a disjoint region. There are larger Sudoku puzzles available too. The Times published a 12×12 grid Sudoku named as “Doedka Sudoku”. Dell magazines on the other hand featured a 16×16 grid puzzle named “Number Pace Challenger”. This 16×16 puzzle gets completed after filling numbers from 1 to 16 and alphabets from A to P. Nikoli featured a 25×25 grid puzzle named as “Sudoku the Giant”. There is also a Sudoku-zilla which is a 100×100 grid puzzle.
  • Killer Sudoku: It is a combination of the elements of the Sudoku and the Kakuro. Kakuro is a also a type of logical puzzle which is often referred to as mathematical representation of the crossword. The Killer Sudoku online combines the features of Modern Sudoku and Kakuro together, to give an extra-ordinary logical gaming experience.


  • Alphabetical Sudoku or Wordoku: The alphabetical Sudoku are also known as the Wordoku. There is no functional difference available in the puzzle, unless and until the letters spell something. The TV Guide another type of alphabetical sudoku involves reading of a word along the principal diagonal, row or column, when it is solved. A wordoku can have words other than the main word.


  • Kaodokus: Kaodokus is a type of puzzle that contains faces of emoticons instead of digits or numeric values. The smileys which have to be filled should have three possible shapes and three possible mouths. This is for a total combination for a nine unique puzzle. The name Kao is derived from the Japanese word meaning faces.


  • Hyper Sudoku: Hyper Sudoku is the same 9×9 grid puzzle having 3×3 regions. The only difference is that in the hyper sudoku there is an additional 4 interion 3×3 regions in which the number 1 to 9 has to appear at least once. This type of the Sudoku was created by Peter Ritmeester. Hyper Sudoku was first published in the year 2005 in a Dutch Newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

Benefits Of Playing Sudoku:

  1. A man can improve his/her number skills. With the help of Sudoku, one keeps on practising upon their logical thinking process and hereby improving their numbers skill.
  2. Sudoku prevents the causing of diseases like Alzheimer’s by keeping your brain active.
  3. As sudoku is a time based game, it also helps in increasing your sense of time.
  4. Sudoku helps in increasing the power of concentration. The game needs players to be creative and strategic in their thinking.
  5. Sudoku makes you feel Happy. It gives a feeling of accomplishment as the puzzled is once solved.