LASIK surgery is done to improve eyesight. Compared to the other surgical procedures for vision improvement, LASIK is a standard procedure that is painless and quick. This is the reason why many out there are so comfortable with choosing this procedure. Some other such laser-based procedures are lens implantation and PRK etc.

With its increasing popularity and success, many people are searching for LASIK surgery near me. For those getting ready for the surgery, we will discuss a few important dos and don’ts you must keep in mind.

Dos and don’ts of LASIK surgery near me

  1. Follow the instructions of the surgeon

An expert eye surgeon will give you all the pre- and post-procedure care instructions in detail, which you need to follow carefully. After the LASIK surgery, ensure that you take extra care to follow the surgeon’s instructions.

  • Use the eye drops and medications as prescribed

Usually, eyedrops and medicines are prescribed by the surgeon with detailed instructions on the usage of the same. Do not violate the instructions, and also do not discontinue the medicines unless instructed so by the doctor.

  • Give enough eye rest

Post LASIK surgery, give enough time of rest to the eyes to regain strength and function fully. The surgeon will give adequate inputs regarding eye rest and care during this period.

  • Avoid electronic devices

People are not able to live without looking at their smartphone screens occasionally. Electronic screens will give a lot of strain to the eyes and cause eye drying. However, if you have undergone LASIK surgery, strictly avoid the usage of looking at the digital monitors from 24 to 48 hours or as the doctor instructs. Even after the waiting period, you must lubricate eyes with drops for a short duration until fully healed.

  • Avoid batching

You are also supposed to avoid a showed for a day or two or as instructed by the surgeon. A hot shower and steam can cause harm to your eyes post LASIK. Also, avoid swimming, steam batch, saunas, jacuzzi, etc., after the procedure.

  • Wear UV-protective glasses

Get the UV-protected sunglasses or appropriate protective wear as the surgeon suggests after the procedure to safeguard your eyes. It is very important to keep your eyes dilated after the surgery. Avoid exposure to bright light indoors and outdoors until eyes are fully healed.

  • Avoid eye makeup

You also should not use any makeup on your eyes for a week or more as instructed by the surgeon after a LASIK procedure. It is also important not to use any harsh chemical makeup for the time being after such a procedure. Strictly follow the care instructions to avoid any complications.

Along with these important things, keep in mind that you should not get engaged in any intensive exercise or sporting activities, keep all appointments with the doctor, and take adequate rest after the procedure to ensure complete recovery. It is not difficult to find a LASIK surgery near me as there are plenty of specialized clinics out there.