Over the years Hostbillo’s VPS Server France gain so much popularity. It becomes one of the Best VPS Server for small and growing businesses. Hostbillo offers the best benefits to growing and mid-size organizations that improve website speed and credibility.

Hostbillo’s VPS Hosting France comes with 6GB RAM, 6 Core CPU, 2 TB Bandwidth, 250 GB SSD, and 1 Gbps Shared Port. Moreover, they offer the best security and customer services. 

Hostbillo just not only offer the Best VPS Server with great specs, but they also offer it at a price that fits into the budget of a small and mid-size organization. Hostbillo’s VPS Server France only cost 15.73$ per month. 

At an cheap price, they offer numerous benefits that make it one of the best web hosting service providers in France. France VPS Server is very popular in businesses that are looking for great specs at an economical price. 

In fact, VPS Hosting is beneficial for the organization that wants specs of a dedicated server at a lower price. And VPS servers also fulfill all the demands of the organization.

Before discussing the factors of VPS Server that improve website speed and performance let’s talk about Hostbillo and the advantage they offer.

Why Hostbillo’s VPS Server France

Hostbillo is the most trusted and well-known Web Hosting Provider in France. Hostbillo offers web hosting services in 6+ countries and Fortune 100 Companies. They have the ability and experience to handle big clients.

They offer services to big companies like- 99Digit, Codeyme, Om Soft Solution, Deep Online Store, ARLO, Carxpert, and many more. These are not just offered VPS Server in France they also offer other Web Hosting Services.

Hostbillo’s Best VPS France is capable for host websites like-

  • E-commerce Website
  • Resources-Intensive Website and Apps
  • Host Multiple Websites
  • Test Apps And Sites

What are the Features or Factors of Hostbillo’s France VPS Server That Improve Website Speed


  • SSD Powered VPS Server France

Hostbillo VPS Server comes with SSD Storage. That helps the website to load faster and run efficiently. Using SSD enhances VPS Server capabilities and makes it faster and highly responsive.

  • Customization

Business website faces an increment in traffic over the year. Small businesses start with Billo V1 of Hostbillo’s Best VPS France but with increment in traffic, they need to upgrade server resources.

With Hostbillo’s VPS businesses can upgrade server resources as well as if required they can downgrade also.  

  • 99.90% Uptime

The website needs to be available all the time. If the website is down or crashes while high traffic it can be disastrous for the business’s online image. Hostbillo offers 99.90% uptime with VPS Hosting France for reducing the chances of sudden crashes and website downtime. 

  • SSH Root Access

With more control and power of configuration and customization in hand, VPS Server gives freedom to the owner to use the server as per their needs. Hostbillo provides SSH Root access so the business can install any application or software they need.

Advantage of Hosting Business Website on Hostbillo’s VPS Server France

Hostbillo offers many benefits and advantages with Cheap VPS France. Some of the best advantages are mentioned below.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

For improving customer experience and resolving their query asap Hostbillo offer 24/7 Customer support. Hostbillo’s professional and expert team helps customers and resolves issues as soon as possible.

  • Security

For protecting the website from virus attacks and malware threats, Hostbillo offer high-security features. For the protection of website from DDoS attack, Hostbillo offer DDoS Protection.

  • Dedicated Server Resources

For high speed and great performance, Hostbillo uses high-tech and advanced equipment. With Hostbillo VPS Server France businesses get Dedicated Server Resources that improve website speed.

  • 20X Speed

Hostbillo robust and powerful VPS Server makes your business website 20 times faster. And also it enhances efficiency also. Your business website run more efficiently.


In France, VPS Hosting is the first choice for the business. VPS offers the benefits and features that improve website speed and performance. Moreover, VPS Server is also very secure as compared to other web hosting services.

Hostbillo is pretty famous in France for its web hosting services. They offer the features and the services at a very less cost. Providing great services at a low price is the USP of Hostbillo.

They offer other services too. Check out about VPS Server on Hostbillo’s official website.