Don’t just play games for fun when you can actually play games and earn Paytm cash. Have you every though there are some applications where you can earn Paytm cash for free.

Well, let’s discuss about such apps. You may be a game lover, who loves to play games for fun, you may be playing games with friends or just with random player around the world, but the question is, are you earning any money from it? Even after spending a lot of time on games you still might not earn any money at all.

Well what if you can earn money playing games. Just imagine how better it would be and if you are a pro in gaming, think how much can you earn. It’s better to use your gaming skills to earn money than to waste your skills just for fun. I can understand playing games is fun but playing game and earning Paytm cash is much more fun.

Now you know that playing games and earning Paytm money is actually a good idea. So let’s look at the   best Paytm cash earning games that can help you to earn Paytm cash while playing games. These games can be free or they can be paid one. The concept is simple, Games that are free will make less Paytm money than those games where you have to pay for entry fees.

Before we go make sure to play paid tournaments only when you are sure that you can win. Either you can try to play free tournaments and when you get good at the game then you can try to pay for entry fees.

So, here are some of the best apps to earn Paytm cash by playing games.

  1. Galo

This application is very easy to use and there is no limit how much you can earn. You have to play simple matches, I mean these games can be even played and won by a kid. If you are a pro gamer, then playing games on Galo will be a piece of cake for you. Not only by playing games users can also earn rewards by doing different tasks such as refer your friends or by completing daily tasks.

This application is free to use and it has already got more than 1 million downloads on Google play. Consider this app if you want to play and win.

  • Gamezop

Remember only try this app if you want to earn Paytm cash by entering into paid tournaments. This app doesn’t allow users to play free games to earn money. Even if you play free games you will only earn Token. But this game is for those who are more serious about investing money and earning money. If you are new to gaming platform, I would recommend this application only after you have at least become good at playing games.

  • Rozdhan

This application is almost similar as the two above applications, the only difference is some applications pay more and some pay less.

You can also earn money on Rozdhan app, and yes this application is free to use. You can also refer and invite your family members to get extra rewards when they download the app from your referral link that you send them.