They say that dogs are man’s best friend. They indeed are. But what I feel is dogs are mainly lovable animals who are among the cutest creature exist on the earth. One of the delightful things about owning a furry companion is to have a friend who can play, cuddle and be there for you at invariable moments. Moreover, you can learn the know-how of pampering, compassion, and experience how the guardianship of a furry being feels like. I, being a big-time dog enthusiast, can understand how dog lovers of all kinds are careful while being with them indoors and outdoors. But we cannot be with them all the time. On top of all, there are many things such as training, vet visits, vaccination, etc. that might feel pristine in carrying out all these regular activities if this is your first time raising a pup. 

We are all occupied with so many apps these days and esteemed enterprises are also showing fancy of hiring a viable mobile app development company to get their app developed and boost business growth. Why should dogs be left alone? They might not be using it but cannot we make the best use of some for their well-being? There are plenty of apps that make a dog’s and its owner’s life easier. I have compiled a list of the seven best dog apps that every owner should explore and download the ones which they find appropriate for their dog.


The first app on the list is Chewy. The features of the app are as unique as its name. Being one of the popular pet lovers apps, Chewy appears to be one of the best catering to all the essential needs of your dog. Chewy has a huge variety of pet food and supplies with more than 1000 brands to shop from. The majority of the owners have already fallen in love with the app because of its convenience and delivery expedition.


Training your dog could be one of the easiest and sometimes the most challenging tasks to carry out. Also, the cost of hiring a personal dog trainer might not seem affordable to many owners. In that case, a dog training app could be the best option to seek. Since the market is overwhelmed with a lot of dog training apps, iClicker is the most precise of all. From detailed tutorials by professional trainers to allowing keeping track of everyday training sessions, there are many features owners look in iClicker to abide by.


Why should HOOMANS have all the fun? Petcube truly refines the statement. We humans have so many apps to connect with people and share each and every moment of ours with close ones and pets are not left behind in the trend either. Pets now have Petcube which is one of the most popular apps for live video streaming for pets. Basically, it is a social networking app for pets where owners can browse other’s pet stories, share their own pet photos and videos, and become part of a global pet community.


Do you also get worried when your pup hides somewhere in your house or fence and you cannot find him? Been there felt that. But you do not have to worry much about your dog escaping anymore. There is an app named Whistle which works as a combination tracker as well as a dog locator. The on-demand app development idea is in vogue among marketers and Whistle is the variety of one such type. There is a Whistle tag that needs to be fixed on the dog’s collar and that’s it. All their activities can be tracked via an app on your smartphone. Isn’t it cool and convenient?

Pet First Aid

Being one-of-its-kind apps in the market, Pet First Aid explains the ABCs of carrying out first aid on your dog. There are times when owners do not have access to a vet or clinics and their dog is in extreme emergency. Pet First Aid is exactly developed to deal with such situations. This app includes all the photos, videos of the emergencies that could arrive at your pet along with ailments and instructions that eventually could be helpful in alarming situations.


Anyone looking to adopt a new furry companion to their family, AllPaws is what they should stumble upon. Adopting pets with all the legal formalities along with background checks is not an easy feat. The owners are most likely to fall victim to scams while doing so. AllPaws takes extra care of all that cozenage. This app features over 200,000 dogs and cats available for adoption.


Whether it is about knowing your pup’s behavior, training them, or keeping a check on their health, there is an app for that. If you are a dog enthusiast and are not ready to compromise with anything from development or any other standpoint, explore through each of the mentioned apps and choose the well-suitable one for your dog. There’s an endless list of apps and even some that combine with other types of lifestyle apps. For example, there is a dog app that combines with online dating for mature women in which a user can meet a local milf near me for a puppy play date.