Everybody wants to get fit even an 80 years old grandpa. But what we need to get fit is to do exercise every day. Whether you’re doing exercise for a better health or to get ripped either in the gym or by running you have to be conscious about some rules of exercise. If we are doing exercises for better health. But the way we are doing it may cause a serious injury, and then ultimately there is no meaning of doing exercises. For ultimate better health, we have to know some norms of exercises. So, read the full article as I am going to give some tips on how to keep you safe while doing exercises.

Stretch before workout:

The primary rule to begin an exercise whether in the gym or at home is doing the stretch workout. A serious injury may happen for not doing a stretch workout before starting the main exercises. Our body muscles are not always ready to absorb the instant shock when we hit our muscles. When we take rest or not doing any exercises our body muscles stay tights. It basically is like elastic if we stretch the muscles it will be extended if we don’t stretch the muscle it will remain short.

But what most people do is that they do not stretch before they start their workout. Because they don’t have enough knowledge about the muscle functioning. Even if we are doing normal weight-free exercises like pullup pushup without stretching it may also cause us minor injury.

Especially for heavy lifting, we must do the stretch workout. Lots of bodybuilders are suffering from ligament damages for not doing stretch exercises before their gym workout.

Doing warm-up exercises:

Another important rule for jumping into the main exercises is doing a warm-up set. Some people don’t do warm up set in their gym instead they lift low weight in their first set. And they count it as their warm-up set. But in the last set, they push really hard to cover the first set. If you are lifting heavy in this way then you will have no problem. But if you start lifting heavy in your first set without doing the warm-up set then a serious injury waiting for you.
Mostly the effect of not doing warm-up set cause injury to our back, legs and arms. Thus, we must do warm up set before jumping into the main workout.

Essential safety gear:

However, we are doing stretch exercises and warm up set still there are many chances of injury in the gym. So, to avoid these injuries we must use some gym gears and kits that will protect us from serious injury. When you are lifting heavy during squat or deadlift you must wear flat shoes. Or you can do this exercise barefoot. You can find these gym shoes in any sports shop. You can also use the indoor volleyball shoes that also effective for lifting heavy weight.

Use waist belt while doing deadlift. Though some people avoid using waist belt while they lift low weight in the deadlift if for heavy lifting either in a squat or in deadlift you must wear the waist belt. Injury causes for not using waist belt may sustain for a lifetime.


Knee wrap and wrist strap are also two essential gears for gym exercises. Knee wrap helps us to be stable while doing squat and wrist strap helps us to do the bench press in the correct form. Most beginners suffer from wrist pain for not using the wrist belt. Knee wraps are not that necessary if you are not a powerlifter who usually lifts heavy.

Get a spotter behind you:

Lifting heavy without keeping a spotter behind you may even cause your death. There are so many cases where people get into the serious injury for not getting a spotter. A spotter will assist you to complete the set if you can’t complete it yourself. If you are lifting low weight then its fine not to tell someone to spot you but lifting heavy without a spotter is like ego lifting.

Avoid ego lifting:

Ego lifting is pushing you beyond your limits. So, listen to your body otherwise wait for the injury. People think they will grow their muscle fast if they lift heavy. But the truth is muscles don’t grow in a day.  You have to hit the same muscle day and day with increasing the weight gradually to create the muscle.

Do the exercises in the right form?

To know how to do the exercises in the right form you should ask your trainer in the gym. Basically, your body movement also related to the science. And it’s called the muscle and mind connection. If our mind is not connected with the form of exercises then will not realize how we are doing the exercises. A little movement in the exercise form plays a great role in developing a muscle group. This is why you should ask your trainer before doing every exercise.

These are all safety measure for doing exercises in the gym. Safety always comes first even we run every day for merely losing the weight. Follow this guide to avoid injury while doing exercise and be happy with healthy life.