These days, there are readily available plenty of motorbike helmet options to choose from both online and offline stores. The selection will entirely depend upon the individual planning to buy one. It is the vast variety found easily that tends to confuse the shoppers mind. But selecting the right type is of utmost importance to stay protected and to be within the budget.

Range of helmets

With the number of bike owners increasing with each passing day, manufacturers have taken the opportunity to come up with wide variety of helmets to suit every preferences, likings and budget. It is very much important for the person to rely upon a reputed brand only and not buy one of those cheap local ones. Since the helmet is to be worn on the head to protect it from accidents and injuries, it definitely needs to be a good one. The best branded flip up helmets India do offer top notch safety and reliability. But the fact is branded ones are more expensive, since they offer assurance on their products. Some people are of the opinion that buying expensive helmets is just a waste of money. What they fail to understand is that they simply cannot compromise on their safety, since life threatening accidents and mishaps when riding the bike might take place anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, the branded helmets can be found to be lightweight and comfort to be worn for a long time. They are also created using the latest technology to offer the wearer with high levels of safety and comfort.


Basically, motorcycle helmets can be found in four types, with each having its own strengths. Hence, it will be useful to research about them, so as to make a well informed and wise decision, when buying one.

  • Full face helmets: They are used mostly by serious riders requiring riding a lot. Such helmets offer the user with maximum safety. This helmet helps to cover the whole face and is undoubtedly the best ones for enjoying those high speed rides. Besides protecting during accidents, these helmets can also offer safety from bees, bugs and other insects from hitting the face while riding. It also protects the face from icy winds, rain water and heat.
  • Flip up helmets: Such helmets are said to be a combination of the three quarter and full face helmet. This is rather a full faced helmet with provision to flip up the front visor portion and entire chin guard to offer experience of three quarter helmet. It is heavy, but provides enhanced protection
  • Three quarter: They leave the face area open. Pair of goggles has to be worn to protect the eyes from dust and bugs in air. Those riding cruiser bikes and motocross riders need to wear it.
  • Skull Cap: They are also called Harley Davidson styled helmet and offer basic protection only. It is just a rounded metal place kept on the riders head.

Buy the best quality flip up helmets India online and enjoy a long ride without fear!