Most people wonder whether it is necessary to match the floor with counters or cabinets. Indeed, it is a sound question to ask. The kitchen counter, cabinets, and floor are essential parts of a cooking area. In the same way, each element complements the other. So, you need to match your white marble countertops with the flooring.

Well, any color can adjust with white marble slabs, as they have a neutral base. In general, white marble gives a greyish look with blue veining patterns on its surface. That is why you can pair them with any neutral color flooring. In addition, you can create a contrast by choosing hardwood texture.

So, here are some of the flooring ideas to go with white marble slabs:

  1. White floor tiles
  2. Neutral color tiles
  3. Dark hardwood flooring
  4. Wood looking tiles
  5. Black and white marble floor
  6. Slate floor
white marble flooring, white marble counter tops
  1. White floor tiles:

For a kitchen with a white Carrara marble slab, white floor tiles are the best option. It perfectly goes with the white theme of your entire kitchen space. White floor tiles with a less veiny pattern will elevate the look of your area by expanding it. In this way, both whites will shine bright and look roomy. 

Moreover, you can go for a black or grey backsplash to add character to your place. However, make sure you have all the right measures before you buy the countertops.. If you want to get the best combo, match the gray veiny patterns too.

  1. Neutral color tiles:

Well, white marble is neutral itself, so you can easily opt for a neutral kitchen floor. In this case, you have light grey, beige, cream, and pale yellow to go with the white counter. Moreover, it will give a monotone to your entire kitchen. Not only this, but you can also go with a darker shade of gray. So, there are various colors to coordinate your kitchen flooring with your counter. It will add warmth and a homey feel to the place.

  1. Dark hardwood flooring:

Hardwood flooring is another option for white counters. You can never go wrong with the idea of having a dark wooden floor with a classic white kitchen island. You have dark brown, dark grey, and rustic brown colors in hardwood flooring. In this case, most people prefer wooden floor planks for installation. Well, that can be heavy on your pockets. But, it can be lethal contrasts of white and dark brown. 

Moreover, if you have lighter cabinets and a white marble slab, go for dark grey wood planks. As they are easy to install and use, it is vital to polish the floor to preserve its beauty. These hardwood floors are equally practical too.

  1. Wood looking tiles:

Many individuals fear of using the kitchen floors with hardwood.  In this case, wood floor tiles that offer the look of natural wood can help. These wood-looking tiles are getting fame for their unique texture. So, if you are a wood lover but can’t afford to have a hardwood floor, these wood tiles are the best choice for you. 

Moreover, these tiles come in many wooden colors and designs. You will be amazed to see the variation. To complete the light and dark tone, go for these wood tiles. But, go for the smaller tiles rather than the big ones. Moreover, the larger tiles may expand the look a little too much. 

  1. Black and white marble floor:

Have you seen anything prettier than the look of the black and white marble floor? Mark my words, black and white floors are the best floor choice to match your white marble counter. It is stylish, elegant, and classy at the same time. Also, it will make your cooking area stand out from the rest. It is a timeless look for generations to come. 

In addition, white marble tiles with a black diamond-shaped pattern will look stunning. It will elevate the look of your white marble countertops. So, pair it with any neutral color cabinets, and the floor will shine bright. But, do not select the same finish for both things. 

  1. Slate floor:

Grey slate floor tiles coordinate well with white marble slabs. If you choose a dark gray tone for the kitchen floor, it will add warmth to the place. As you know, a slate can be dark gray, blue-gray, beige, or brown running through the tiles. So for the gray lovers out there, slate tiles come in many shades of gray to complement your white counter. The one with dark and light gray lines is the best choice for kitchen floors. 

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How to set the tone of white marble countertops?

Well, choosing the floor type is not enough. You might have to set the tone with your white marble counter. Never opt to have the same polished surface for both counters and floor tiles. It is the biggest mistake as it makes your place look sterile. So, keep one of the mattes.

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There are several flooring options for the kitchen. If you want to complete the look of your white marble countertops, go for white tiles, neutral tiles, or black and white marble. Also, hardwood flooring is a good option for a white counter. Either go for light or dark shades to match the tone. But first, head to silver marble granite to get the best marble countertops.