Dupatta Bazaar Woman's Onion Pink Net Dupatta with Ruffles

If you need a dupatta for a special occasion and you live in the USA, you might be scratching your head wondering where exactly you can go to find one. That’s because the USA has a limited number of Pakistani outlets and you have to travel to find them.

The alternative is to shop online. While this does affect the high street, the market for dupattas is limited anyway, so it makes it more sense to search for an online boutique. Studio by TCS is a dedicated Pakistani online retailer that sells dupattas and much more.

On the high street

A decade ago, the first place you would think of to buy a woman’s dupatta would be the high street; nowadays, it’s far easier to go online and find a convenient boutique that delivers. Still, the high street still sells woman’s dupattas, and they have some advantages.

Womens dupattas are made using different materials that can often affect price and suitability. At a high street store, you can touch the material and try on the dupatta. Online stores have their advantages, but this is not one of them. However, you might have trouble finding a high street store. 

At an online boutique

Today, if you need to buy a dupatta for a wedding or a special occasion, the first place you might think of is an online boutique. You can shop for a dupatta from the comfort of your home, and even though you can’t try the item on the website gives you all the information available regarding the materials and color.

An online boutique such as Studio by TCS is a one-stop shop for Pakistani dresses and dupattas. If you prefer a high street store, that’s always an option, but you will have to search for one online, and you’ll probably have to travel to find it as well. An online boutique is far more convenient.

In a thrift store

On the other hand, a thrift store might not be the first place you think of when you need to buy a dupatta, but it shouldn’t be dismissed straight out of hand. Thrift stores exist both online and offline these days, and you can often find excellent quality dupattas for a cut-down price.

Once again, you have the choice of whether to find a high street thrift store or an online marketplace. There are pros and cons to both. What you’ll find is that online marketplaces are far more convenient and allow you to browse more items from different places.


If you’re in the market for a woman’s dupatta and you live in the US, you have a few different options. In the past, it was common to search the local towns and cities for a Pakistani boutique where you could visit and try on the dupattas. Of course, this has plenty of advantages, but it isn’t the best solution today.

The USA has a limited number of high-quality Pakistani outlets, so you need to search far and wide and travel to get there. Conversely, an online boutique such as Studio by TCS is convenient and high-quality. Moreover, if you don’t like your item, you can return it easily and order a replacement.