If you are a big football fan, you must have heard about Juan Thornhill if you are also one of them. He has fans in the corners all around the world who are crazy to watch him play live. If you are also one of them, you must have visited at least one of his games in the customised Juan Thornhill Jersey. Right now, it might be stashed somewhere in your closet. 

It’s game day; you are ready to support your favourite football safety. You are all dressed up in the Juan Thornhill hoodie, a pair of jeans and sneakers. You cheer for your star throughout the game and enjoy being in your outfit. The game ends. You go home and through the jersey somewhere in the corner of your closet. What now? 

If you rely on us, your favourite Juan Thornhill hoodie can get a life again. You just need to know some style tips to wear on your casual days. Keep reading to unlock the secret. 

Do not tuck your jersey in

If you have taken out your hoodie or t-shirt after a long time, wear it with caution! The first no-no to wearing a fan hoodie is to tuck it in. You should never prefer to tuck your jersey inside the jeans. They are casual wear and do not look pleasant if you tuck them in. Just like you never desire to tuck in your t-shirt, treat the jersey similarly. 

It only works when a player is on the field. Athletes on the field tuck their outfits in because they have to follow the rule. It is justified and also practical to prevent any injury. But you do not have to tuck the jersey in while you are in the audience. If you want to show off the Juan Thornhill hoodie, do it the right way. 

Wear the t-shirt under a jacket

If you want to wear your t-shirt with a logo or sign of Juan Thornhill on a casual outing, choose to wear it under a jacket. If you have a fan hoodie, it goes pretty well with denim. But the T-Shirts look more of a promotional outfit if you wear them offseason. That is why you can choose to layer a jacket over the t-shirt. It works for every style, whether you have 3/4 sleeves, half sleeve or full sleeve t-shirt. 

Wear a Jersey that fits you

This generally goes for every piece of clothing you have in the closet. But the fan hoodies or t-shirts especially look suitable when they are the correct size. Even if you prefer to wear oversized clothing on regular days, choose the actual size when styling a fan t-shirt or hoodie. However, it can be pretty tricky with some goodies as they start with a particular size. But if you do not have the right size, do not even try to get it tailored. It will make it even worse. If you have no choice, going with one size above would be preferable. 

Do not wear the exact colored bottom

Always go for a different coloured bottom when you are styling your Juan Thornhill hoodie. Bottom wear of the same colours can make you look no less than a clown. That is why choose the colours that balance your look and also highlight your hoodie. 

Jerseys are not always the most stunning choice in your closet. But you can style them on regular days if you are a fashion pro. Just follow the tips like these, and you will be able to pull off any jersey from Juan Thornhill’s to other players’. It is only a matter of how you carry it.